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Battle of Abukir in 1801
Part of the French Revolutionary Wars
Date 8 March 1801
Location Abu Qir, Egypt
Result Decisive British Victory
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Britain France France
Ralph Abercromby Louis Friant
5,000 2,000
Casualties and losses
1,100 killed or wounded Unknown, but heavy

The Battle of Abukir (1801) was the second battle of the Egyptian campaign in the French Revolutionary Wars, fought on 8 March 1801 at Abu Qir on the Mediterranean coast, near the Nile delta. In this battle, a British army of 5,000 led by General Ralph Abercromby landed along the beach to dislodge an entrenched French army of 2,000 under General Louis Friant. They did so, but not before 1,100 British troops were lost.

The battle

On 8 March 1801, the British army commanded by Sir Ralph Abercromby landed from its transports, fighting strenuous opposition from the French force already entrenched on the beach. [1]

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