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Battle of Akroinon
Part of the Byzantine-Arab Wars
Date 739 or 740 AD
Location Akroinon, Byzantine Empire (modern day Afyon, Turkey)
Result Decisive Byzantine- Bulgarian victory.
Umayyad Caliphate Bulgarian Empire
Byzantine Empire
Hisham ibn Abd al-Malik Leo III,
Constantine V

The Battle of Akroinon was fought at Akroinon (also known as Acroinon or Acroinum, near modern Afyon) in Phrygia, on the western edge of the Anatolian plateau, in 739 (or 740) between an Umayyad Arab army of Hisham ibn Abd al-Malik, led by his brother Sulayman, and Byzantine forces led by Leo III the Isaurian and his son, the future Constantine V. In a decisive victory Leo expelled the Arab forces from Asia Minor, leaving Constantine well-placed to take advantage of the collapse of the Umayyad dynasty. The battle was described in detail in the Chronicle of Theophanes the Confessor.


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