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Siege of Antwerp
Part of the Ten days campaign
General D H Chassé.jpg
The defending general David Hendrik Chassé
Date 15 November – 23 December 1832
Location Antwerp
Result French victory[1]
Netherlands Netherlands France French Kingdom
Netherlands David Hendrik Chassé[2] France Étienne Maurice Gérard[3]
4500[4] Armée du Nord

The Siege of the citadel of Antwerp was a battle of the ten days campaign. It occurred from 15 November to 23 December 1832 and faced off Dutch troops occupying Antwerp's citadel (led by David Chassé) against France's Armée du Nord (under Maréchal Gérard). The French had an agreement with the Belgian rebels that they would not participate in the battle.[5]


Following the French army's first intervention in 1831, the Dutch withdrew from Belgium but left a garrison in the citadel at Antwerp, from which they bombarded the town. The Armée du Nord and its siege specialist François Nicolas Benoît, Baron Haxo took 24 days to take this citadel and get it handed over to Belgium. Leopold I of Belgium gave France several cannon of different calibres under the guise of thanks for this action and the Senate of France offered Gérard an "épée d'honneur". A French monument to the French dead in the siege was sculpted in 1897 but the town of Antwerp refused to take it and it is now in Tournai.


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