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Battle of Bapheus
Part of the Byzantine-Ottoman wars
Date July 27, 1302
Location Between Nicomedia and Nicaea, Bithynia
Result Ottoman victory[1]
Byzantine Empire Ottoman Empire
Heteriarch Mouzalon Osman I
~ 2,000 [2] ~ 5,000 [2]

The Battle of Bapheus (Turkish:Koyunhisar Savaşı) occurred in July 27, 1302 between an Ottoman army under Osman I and a Byzantine army. The Byzantines, who had suffered a number of raids by the Ottomans, possessed an army of far lesser quality and strategy than that of the Komnenos dynasty, and were defeated outside of Nicomedia. After the battle, the Ottomans went on to capture a number of small forts, but Nicomedia was not taken until 1337.


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  2. ^ a b Bartusis, The Late Byzantine Army, p. 76 "...Mouzalon's army consisted of barely 2,000 men, of which perhaps something more than half were Alans. While Mouzalon was defending Nikomedeia, an army composed of some 5,000 light cavalry drawn from nomadic tribes appeared between Nikomedeia and Nicaea. [...] There on the plain of Bapheus Mouzalon's army was defeated."


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