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Battle of Bhamo
Part of Mongol invasion of Burma
Date 1283
Location Bhamo
Result Mongol victory
Pagan Empire Mongol Empire
Narathihapate Sangudar oghul
Unknown 10,000
Casualties and losses
Unknown Minimum

Battle of Bhamo is one of the major battles took between the Yuan Mongols and the Pagan Kingdom in 1283. After Nasir al-Din's victory over the Pagans, the Mongols attempted to try again their success.

The Yuan force of 10,000 under the Mongol prince Sangudar from Sichuan, with the Miao auxiliaries, advanced to induce the king to submit.[1] The Mongols attacked Bhamo and they quickly defeated the Burmese army in 1283. The king of Mien fled to the hills with his subjects. The king begged them to return after the crops have grown. Narathihapate lost his reputation among his subjects with all those defeats.


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