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The Fall of the Sith Empire
Totj fotse1.jpg

Issue one of the series
Publishing company Dark Horse Comics
Subject Star Wars
Genre Science Fiction
Schedule Monthly
Format Story arc
Release date(s) 18 June 1997 -
22 October 1997
Country USA
Language English
Number of issues 5
Expanded Universe
Era Sith
Series Tales of the Jedi
Galactic Year 5,000 BBY
Canon C
Preceded By Tales of the Jedi: Golden Age of the Sith
Followed By Tales of the Jedi: Knights of the Old Republic
Creative team
Script writer Kevin J. Anderson
Cover artist(s) Duncan Fegredo
Penciller(s) Dario Carrasco, Jr
Inker(s) Mark Heike
Bill Black
David Jacob Beckett
Colorist(s) Ray Murtaugh
Letterer(s) Willie Schubert

Tales of the Jedi: The Fall of the Sith Empire is a five-part story arc in the Tales of the Jedi series of comic books written by Kevin J. Anderson. The first issue was published on May 6, 1998 by Dark Horse Comics. The story is set in the Star Wars universe 5,000 years before Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope




  • Fall of the Sith Empire: Desperate Measures
  • Fall of the Sith Empire: Forces in Collision
  • Fall of the Sith Empire: First Encounter
  • Fall of the Sith Empire: The Dogs of War
  • Fall of the Sith Empire: End of an Empire

Major battles

The following are a series of battles that are chronicled in the series.



The Battle of Coruscant was the first battle between the Galactic Republic and Naga Sadow's Sith Empire.

Memit Nadill, trusting in Odan-Urr's judgement, came to Coruscant to rally the Jedi before the Sith were to attack, but the invasion fleet came early. The Coruscant defense forces led by Jedi Guardian Anavus Svag quickly defended the planet as other Republic forces and Jedi joined the defense.

The size of the Sith Lord's army is visually exaggerated and influenced by Sadow himself, meditating in his meditation sphere high above Primus Goluud.

When Gav Daragon fires on the sphere, Naga Sadow's concentration is disrupted, causing much of the army on Coruscant to fade. This increases the confidence and resolve of the Jedi and Republic soldiers, allowing them to take advantage and repel the Sith invasion.

Koros Major

The Battle of Koros Major is fought between the army of Koros and the Sith Empire. Naga Sadow's focus is on the Battle of Coruscant, so he appoints his prisoner Gav Daragon as commander of the Koros Major invasion fleet. As the battle begins, Gav lands on the planet to look for his sister Jori, with a group of Massassi bodyguards.

As Gav enters Aarrba the Hutt's repair dock, his bodyguards see the Hutt as a threat, and attack and kill him. Jori enters at that exact moment and attacks Gav with a lightsaber given to her by Odan-Urr, assuming he had killed Aarrba. Gav escapes and flees the planet, leaving Teta's men to battle the Sith to eventual victory.


The Battle of Kirrek is fought between the army of Koros and the Sith Empire. Prior to the battle, Empress Teta had made an agreement with Commander Llaban, commander of the rebellion in the earlier Battle of Kirrek, to fight alongside each other to defend Kirrek against the Sith, earning amnesty for the ex-rebels. She also decides to let the prisoners mining the colony world of Ronika to fight in the defense of Kirrek, but they are absent for the beginning of the battle.

Early in the battle, Odan-Urr attempts to use his Battle Meditation as he did during the Unification Wars, but the fury and determination of the Massassi warriors is infallible. Led by the Sith Lord Shar Dakhan, the Massassi break through the line of defenders and begin climbing the wall. Separating much of the defenders from the Sith onslaught, Odan-Urr's Master Ooroo orders the Kirrek rebels to find cover. He then tips himself over, shattering his cyanogen tank and sending the fumes into the breaths of several Massassi, killing them instantly. This kills Ooroo as well, as oxygen is just as toxic to him as cyanogen is to the Massassi.

As the prisoners from Ronika arrive, and with the death of the Sith commander, victory for the Tetans quickly becomes a foregone conclusion.

Primus Goluud

The Battle of Primus Goluud takes place above the red supergiant Primus Goluud between Empress Teta's forces and the Sith Empire. Jori Daragon leads Empress Teta to her brother Gav, presuming he has turned to the dark side. Gav, trapped in Sadow's meditation sphere, proves he is still on their side by transmitting the coordinates to Korriban to Teta's ship.

Soon, the Dark Lord's ships arrives and engages the Koros battalion. Sadow wastes no time in using a superweapon attached to his flagship to trigger solar flares across Primus Goluud. The Sith forces retreat to the Sith Empire, closely followed by Teta's ships, as Gav is left to die in the meditation sphere.


The First Battle of Korriban is fought between Naga Sadow and Ludo Kressh's respective war fleets high above the Sith funeral world of Korriban.

Fleeing the Battle of Primus Goluud, Sadow's fleet is confronted by Kressh, who declares himself the new Dark Lord of the Sith and banishes Sadow from the Sith Empire. A fierce battle between the Sith Lords ensues, until Sadow crashes one of his ships into Kressh's flagship, killing the new Dark Lord.

The Second Battle of Korriban immediately follows the first battle. The Tetan forces, using coordinates given to them by Gav Daragon, come out of hyperspace very soon after Kressh's death in the First Battle of Korriban, catching Sadow by surprise. This allows the Koros ships to quickly put the Sith Empire's forces at a disadvantage.

Sadow has another trick up his sleeve. however; the Dark Lord orders his Massassi to kill their commanders on each ship, leaving a massive, impassable barricade between himself and the Koros fleet. Sadow then flees to Yavin 4 with his one remaining ship, to hopefully rebuild the once glorious Sith legacy.


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