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Battle of Lake Maracaibo
Part of Venezuelan War of Independence
Acción del castillo de Maracaibo.jpg
Painting by José María Espinosa Prieto (1796-1883)
Date 24 July 1823
Location Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela
Result Decisive Colombian Victory
FlagGranColombia1821.png Greater Colombia Spain Spanish Monarchy
FlagGranColombia1821.png José Prudencio Padilla Spain Ángel Laborde

The Battle of Lake Maracaibo was fought on 24 July 1823 in Venezuela's Lake Maracaibo between Admiral José Prudencio Padilla and royalist Captain Ángel Laborde.

The battle was won by the republican forces, and was the last battle of the Venezuelan War of Independence in particular and the larger South American wars of independence. The ships belonged to the forces of Gran Colombia led by Simón Bolívar.

The Battle of Carabobo of 1821 is usually seen in the historiography as the culminating battle for Venezuelan independence, but many historians point out that if the Battle of Lake Maracaibo had been a victory for the royalist forces, the Spanish Crown might have set a new front in Western Venezuela from which to attack the republican forces stationed in Venezuela. As a result of the loss, the Spanish Crown did not send any new regiments to Venezuela, and finally accepted Venezuelan independence as a result of this second decisive patriot victory, although it did not formally recognize the new nation for more than a decade afterwards.

24 July is a regional holiday of the Zulia state.



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