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Battle of Limanowa
Part of the Eastern Front during World War I
Winterschlacht in Masuren.jpg
Date 1 December – 13 December 1914
Location Galicia Carpathian Mountains
Result Austro-Hungarian victory
Russian Empire Russian Empire Austria–Hungary Austria-Hungary
German Empire German Empire
Russian Empire Nikolai Ivanov Austria–Hungary Conrad von Hötzendorf
Austria–Hungary Joseph Roth
120,000 Austria–Hungary IV. Army
Casualties and losses
unknown unknown

Battle of Limanowa took place from December 1 and December 13, 1914, between Austro-Hungarian Army and Russian Army near the town of Limanowa (near Kraków).

Austro-Hungarian Army repelled a Russian breakthrough southwestwards between Limanowa and Kraków.


Order of battle


Russian forces

Russian South-Western front. Commander-in-chief – Nikolai Ivanov

  • 3rd Army. Commander - Radko-Dimitriew
    • XI. Corps
    • IX. Corps

Austro-Hungarian Forces

  • 4th Army. Commander - Archduke Joseph Ferdinand
    • XIV. Corps
    • German 47. Reserve Division


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