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Battle of Loznica
Part of the Yugoslav Front of World War II
Date August 31, 1941
Location Serbia
Result Chetnik victory
Chetniks Flag.svg Chetniks Nazi Germany Germany
Draža Mihailović
Veselin Misita 
Bogdan Drljača
Georgije Bojić
Nazi Germany Fon der Olenic

The Battle of Loznica was the first battle in occupied Yugoslavia took place on August 31, 1941, only after two months after the April War and one month after General Draža Mihailović created the Chetniks. After the battle, Loznica was the first free city in Europe during World War II.


On May 13, Draža Mihailović created the Chetniks, and wanted to liberate one city in Serbia. Veselin Misita, the commander of the Jadar Chetniks, wanted to liberate Loznica first. On May 1941 he propagandized an uprising to the people.


Veselin Misita, with a group of Chetniks, attacked the roads in Šabac and Valjevo, and then he attacked Bogatić, Mačvanska Mitrovica and Loznica. Veselin Misita was killed in Loznica during the battle. After his death, the command of battle was taken by Bogdan Drljača and Georgije Bojić. The battle ended the next day. After the battle, the Germans killed 3,000 civilians in Draginac. During the following week, the Germans attacked the Chetniks in Zavalica.

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