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Battle of Mookerheyde
Part of the Eighty Years' War
Slag op de Moockerheijde.jpg
Date 14 April 1574
Location Mook en Middelaar, Limburg
Result Decisive Spanish victory
Dutch rebels Flag of New Spain.svg Spain
Louis of Nassau
Henry of Nassau
Sancho d'Avila
Bernardino de Mendoza
5,500 infantry
2,600 cavalry
5,000 infantry
800 cavalry
Casualties and losses
3,000 dead or wounded 150 dead or wounded

The Battle of Mookerheyde was a battle of the Eighty Years' War fought on 14 April 1574 near the village Mook and the river Meuse. An army of poorly paid mercenaries, hired by William the Silent to bring relief to the city of Leyden that was under siege by the Spaniards, moved north on the east bank of the river Meuse. The Dutch army was met by a Spanish army, led by Sancho d'Avila and Mendoza, consisting of 5,000 infantry and 800 cavalry. The Dutch army was led by two of the brothers of William, Louis and Henry of Nassau, and consisted of 5,500 infantry and 2,600 cavalry.

The Dutch first fired several salvos, but these did little harm to the Spanish. When the Dutch pulled back to reload, they were intercepted by Spanish cavalry. 1,000 Dutchmen were killed.

The ensuing battle was a disaster for the Dutch. Part of their army deserted during the action, shouting for money. The Spanish lost only 150 men. The rebels lost 3,000 men; both Louis and Henry were killed.



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