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Wars in Lombardy
Part of Wars in Lombardy
Date 22 May 1431
Location Pavia, Italy
Result Milanese victory
Flag of Most Serene Republic of Venice.svg Republic of Venice Flag of the Duchy of Milan.png Duchy of Milan
Niccolò Trevisani Paccino Eustacchio
85 ships Unknown
Casualties and losses
70 ships
2,500 soldiers

The Battle of Pavia was a battle of the Wars in Lombardy. It occurred on 22 May 1431, on the Ticino River, near Pavia. The battle was fought between 85 Venetian galleys, sent towards Cremona to support Count of Carmagnola's army, and a somewhat superior number of Milanese galleys. The Venetians were commanded by Niccolò Trevisani.

The battle resulted in the defeat of the Venetians, who could not be helped by Carmagnola's field army, with a loss of c. 2,500 men, 28 galleys and 42 transport ships.

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