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Battle of Pavia
Part of the Roman-Alamanni conflict
Date 271
Location near Pavia, Italy
Result destruction of the Alamanni Army.
Roman Empire Alamanni
Aurelian  ?
Casualties and losses
 ? entire army destroyed

The Battle of Pavia was fought in 271 near Pavia (Italy), and resulted in the Roman Emperor Aurelian destroying the retreating Alamanni army.

The battle

After the loss near Placentia and the victory at Fano in the year 271, Aurelian sent his army in pursuit of the Alamanni, who were in retreat to their homelands. Aurelian closed the passes in the Alps and encircled the Alamanni near Pavia. His army attacked the invaders and he was able to destroy the entire Alamanni army. For the victory, Aurelian received from the Roman people the title of honour Germanicus Maximus.

Aurelian's victory ended the Alamanni invasion, but the Roman citizenry were shocked by the great threat that Rome itself had faced after the loss near Placentia. In response, Aurelianus decided to build new fortifications around Rome. Fear of further invasions from the north brought about the construction of walls and fortifications round at nearly every city in the Roman empire.


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