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Battle of Ridanieh
Part of the Mamluks
Date January 22, 1517
Location near Ridanieh,near Cairo, Egypt
Result Decisive Ottoman victory
Collapse of the Mamluk Sultanate
Egypt and the Middle East under Ottoman control for the next 3 centuries
Flag of the Ottoman Sultanate (1299-1453).svg Ottoman Empire Mameluke Flag.svg Mamluk Sultanate
Sultan Selim I Sultan Tuman bay II
Janberdi Al-Ghazali
Shadi Baig 
 ?  ?
Casualties and losses
Low High

The Battle of Ridaniya (Arabic: معركة الريدانية‎) was fought on January 22, 1517 in Egypt. The Ottoman Turkish forces of Selim I defeated the Mamluk forces under Al-Ashraf Tuman bay II. The Turks marched into Cairo, and the severed head of Tuman Bey II, Egypt’s last Mamluk Sultan, was hung over an entrance gate in the Al Ghourieh quarter of Cairo. [1]


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