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Battle of Saint-Denis
Part of the Lower Canada Rebellion
Battle of Saint-Denis.jpg
"Les Fils de la Liberté" hurl back British regulars at the Battle of Saint-Denis. Contemporary watercolour.
Date November 23, 1837
Location Saint-Denis, Quebec
Result Patriote victory
United Kingdom United Kingdom
United Kingdom Loyal volunteers
Flag of the Patriote movement (Lower Canada).svg Patriotes
Charles Stephen Gore Wolfred Nelson
300-400 regulars and militia
1 howitzer
800 militia
Casualties and losses
6 dead
10 wounded
6 missing
12 dead
7 wounded

On November 23, 1837, three hundred British from the 24th, 32nd and 66th Regiments of Foot, under the command of Colonel Charles Gore, marched into the Richelieu Valley. They expected to make quick work of the rebels. Opposing the British was a Patriote force of 800 being led by Dr. Wolfred Nelson.

In the early hours of the morning, Gore arrived three kilometers outside of the village of St. Denis with his troops. They had been marching all night through mud, cold, and freezing rain. They were caught off guard when a group of Patriotes ran out of a house and opened fire on them from behind a barricade that was blocking the road. The British charged the barricade and the Patriotes withdrew behind the safety of a stone wall. The two sides continued to exchange fire for several hours.

By mid-afternoon, the defenders of St. Denis received reinforcements from the surrounding villages. The British were tired, they had not expected such resistance, and they were nearly out of ammunition. Gore ordered his force to retreat. The battle had left 12 British and 13 Patriotes dead.

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