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Battle of Skerki Bank
Part of World War II
Da Recco sails out.jpg
Destroyer Nicoloso Da Recco, of the Navigatori class, seriously damaged in the battle of Skerki Bank
Date December 2, 1942
Location near Skerki Bank
Result Allied victory
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Australia Australia
Italy Italy
Nazi Germany Germany¹
United Kingdom C. H. J. Harcount Italy Aldo Cocchia
3 light cruisers
2 destroyers
3 destroyers
2 torpedo boats
convoy of 4 ships
Casualties and losses
no ships lost 1 destroyer sunk
1 destroyer heavily damaged
entire convoy sunk
¹one ship in the convoy was German

The Battle of Skerki Bank was a World War II naval battle which took place near Skerki Bank in the Mediterranean Sea on the early hours of 2 December 1942 between British and Italian forces.

The British force consisted of the light cruisers HMS Aurora, HMS Argonaut and HMS Sirius and the destroyers HMS Quentin and HMAS Quiberon. The squadron was under the command of Rear Admiral C. H. J. Harcourt. They attacked an Italian convoy and its escort of three destroyers and two torpedo boats. The Italian escort composed of the destroyers Da Recco (flagship), Camicia Nera, Folgore and the torpedo boats Clio and Procione was commanded by Captain Aldo Cocchia. In the course of the battle the Folgore and the entire convoy were sunk; the other two destroyers received heavy damage. The British lost no ships during the battle itself, although HMS Quentin was torpedoed and sunk by Axis aircraft the following morning.

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