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Battle of Skra di Legen
Part of World War I
Date May 29May 31, 1918
Location Skra, Greece
Result Greek victory
Allies Central Powers
Greece Emmanouil Zymvrakakis Bulgaria ?
Greece Greece: 3 divisions,
France France: one brigade
Bulgaria Bulgaria: 3-th brigade of 5-th infantry division
Casualties and losses
441 killed
2,227 wounded
164 missing [1]
600 killed, 1,835 taken prisoners

The Battle of Skra di Legen (Skora di Legen) was a two day World War I battle which took place at the Skra fortified position, located NE of Mount Paiko North of Thessaloniki on May 30, 1918.

Lieutenant General Emmanouil Zymvrakakis (right) with his Chief of Staff.

The Allied force comprised three Greek divisions under Lieutenant General Emmanouil Zymvrakakis plus one French brigade. The three Greek divisions included the Archipelagos Division under Major General Ioannou, the Crete Division under Major General Panagiotis Spiliadis, and the Serres Division under Lieutenant Colonel P. Gardicas.

Victory of the allied troops with a decisive Greek contribution. In May 1918 Greek military units held a leading part in the battle of Skra di Legen, that resulted in the capture of a particularly fortified position, controlled until then by the Central Powers, chiefly Bulgarian troops. The battle of Skra confirmed in the eyes of the allies the fighting readiness of the Greek army which had practically just been restructured.

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