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Battle of Ujście
Part of Second Northern War / The Deluge
Date July 24-July 25, 1655
Location Ujście
Result treaty of Ujście - Greater Poland becomes Swedish ally
Flag of Sweden.svg Swedish Herb Rzeczpospolitej Obojga Narodow.svg Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
Field marshal Arvid Wittenberg Krzysztof Opaliński
Andrzej Grudziński
17000 14400 (13000 pospolite ruszenie and 1400 infantry)

The Battle of Ujście was fought on July 24-July 25, 1655 between forces of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth commanded by Krzysztof Opaliński and Andrzej Grudziński on one side, and on the other Swedish forces commanded by Arvid Wittenberg. Krzysztof Opaliński and Bogusław Leszczyński, dissatisfied with policies of Jan Kazimierz, decided to become Swedish allies together with the pospolite ruszenie (Levée en masse) of Greater Poland to Charles X Gustav of Sweden.



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