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2006 Litani offensive
Part of 2006 Lebanon War
Date August 11–13 2006
Location Southern Lebanon
Result Indecisive
Flag of Israel.svg Israel Flag of Hezbollah.svg Hezbollah
Colonel Moti Kidor[1] Unknown
24 Merkava Mark IV tanks[1]
100+ infantry (Israeli claim)
Kornet missiles[1]
Casualties and losses
12 Killed (Israeli claim) [1] 80 Killed (Israeli claim) [1]

The Battle of Wadi Saluki took place during the Litani offensive.


Israeli infantry and 2 squadrons of Merkava IV tanks were sent uphill to attack a Hezbollah position. The Israeli troops had no artillery or helicopter support. Hezbollah fired anti-tank missiles on the Israeli tanks. 11 tanks were hit by missile fire, and there were casualties inside the tanks. Requests for artillery support were denied because of the large concentration of infantry. Israeli troops managed to fight their way to the top of the hill. After they reached their objective, the Israeli troops withdrew, since Israel approved a UN ceasefire resolution shortly after the battle. Israeli forces claimed to have killed 80 Hezbollah fighters, while 12 Israeli soldiers were killed. 8 of them were infantry, while 4 were tankers. Many Israeli soldiers have questioned the necessity of the operation when the ceasefire would shortly be signed.


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