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Battle of Wanjialing
Part of the Battle of Wuhan
Chinese Army charging during the Battle of Wanjialing
Date October 1 – October 11, 1938
Location Wanjialing region
Result Decisive Chinese victory
Republic of China National Revolutionary Army Japan Imperial Japanese Army 106th Division
Republic of China Xue Yue Japan Matsuura Junrokuro
100,000 15,000
Casualties and losses
15,000 10,000+

Battle of Wanjialing, well known in Chinese text as the Victory of Wanjialing (simplified Chinese: 万家岭大捷traditional Chinese: 萬家嶺大捷pinyin: Wànjīalîng Dàjíe) refers to the Chinese Army's successful engagement during the Wuhan theatre of the Second Sino-Japanese War against the Japanese 106th Division around the Wanjialing region in 1938.





In the Battle of Wanjialing, the Chinese side consisted of the 4th Army, 74th Army, 66th Army, 187th Division, 91st Division, New 13th Division, 142th Division, 60th Division, Reserved 6th Division, 19th Division, a brigade from the 139th Division and the New 15th Division, which totals up to 100,000 men. The chief commander in the frontline was the commander of the 9th Group Army Wu Qiwei. They were under the overall command of the supreme commander of the 9th Military Region Xue Yue.


The Japanese side consisted of the 106th Division, led by lieutenant-general Matsuura Junrokuro. Under the 106th Division, there were the 111th Infantry Brigade (113rd and 147th Infantry Regiments) and 136th Brigade (123rd and 145th Infantry Regiments), as well as Regiments of cavalry, artillery, engineers and transport.

The battle

Under the orders of Yasuji Okamura, the Japanese 106th Division intended to cross the Wanjialing Region in hopes of cutting off the connection between the Chinese Army in Nanxun and Wuning Railway. The plan was discovered by Xue Yue, and the Chinese managed to surround the 106th Division. Okamura ordered the 27th Division to reinforce the 106th Division, but was halted by the Chinese Army. The majority of the 106th Division was destroyed by the Chinese Army eventually, with only around 1,700 men escaped. On October 13, 1938, the Chinese Army retreated from the battlefield. The Battle of Wanjialing was the first successful attempt (nearly) to destroy a full Japanese Division.



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