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Battle of the Gods
Developer(s) Classified Studio productions
Platform(s) Playstation 3, Xbox360
Release date(s) TBA
Genre(s) Beat 'em up

Battle of the Gods is a beat-em-up video game currently in development by Classified Studio productions. The premise is that a variety of gods and figures from many religions have got tired of seeing humans settle their battles for them, and have decided to settle matters in an all-versus-all fight to the death. It appears to be a 3D game, but with only 2D motion available. Each character will possess a variety of spells and special moves, as well as conventional hand-to-hand attacks.


Character List

Known deities appearing in the game include:


According to the developers, each character will have their own background stage. However, only seven stages are known at the moment:

  • Hell Frozen Over
  • Red Sea Parted (God's stage)
  • Cove (Jesus' stage)
  • Cradle of Civilization (Garden of Eden)
  • Shinto Temple
  • Bodhi Desert (Buddha's stage)
  • Hindi Mandala

Classified Productions

The company behind the game is a small self-run studio. However, the few members of it have worked for large developers such as Rockstar, EA, Blizzard, and Interplay before joining to form Classified Productions.

They intend the game to be humorous, but also educational, claiming it will either "bring about world peace and understanding or the apocalypse". They also are in belief that the game is educational, as all the cultures are presented equally. Members of the Classified Productions are planning to travel to Egypt, Hawaii, Greece, a selection of Aztec ruins and the Czech Republic in an attempt to create accurate portrayals of the characters and stages. This strong attention to detail is much advertised by the company.

Game progress

The game appears to still be in its early stages. Some concept art and screenshots have been released, but there is very little word on story and character details, and the developers still seem vague about many aspects.

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