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Battles of El Bruc
Part of the Peninsular War
Montserrat mountains viewed from the Bruc
Date June 6 and June 14, 1808
Location Bruch, near Barcelona, Spain
Result Spanish victory
France French Empire Spain Spain
François Xavier de Schwarz Antonio Franch de Villafranca
3,800 regulars 2,000 regulars and militia
Casualties and losses
360 dead,
600 wounded
60 captured
14 june:
83 dead
274 wounded
20 dead
80 wounded
14 june:
15 dead
50 wounded

The two Battles of the Bruch were engagements fought successively between a French column and a body of Spanish volunteers and mercenaries on June 4, 1808 in the Peninsular War.

The French detachment under General Schwartz emerged from Barcelona on June 4, advancing in the direction of ZaragozaLleida. A rainstorm that day slowed their march considerably; the delay gave time for local Spanish forces, composed of militia from the neighboring villages, Catalan volunteers (somatén), and Swiss and Walloon soldiers from the Barcelona garrison, to mobilize for action. The Spaniards were led by General Franch and deployed along Bruch Pass.

The resulting stand was a success,[1] and the French under General Schwartz were turned back to Barcelona with the loss of 300 dead and one gun captured. The partisans made off with an Imperial eagle, adding to the French humiliation.[2]

A second French sortie on June 14 succeeded only in putting to the torch several buildings in El Bruc.


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