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Bay Buchanan

In office
March 20, 1981 – July 5, 1983
President Ronald Reagan
Preceded by Azie Taylor Morton
Succeeded by Katherine D. Ortega

Born December 23, 1948 (1948-12-23) (age 61)
Washington, D.C.
Political party Republican
Spouse(s) William Jackson (married 1982, divorced)
Religion The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Buchanan's signature, as used on American currency

Angela Marie "Bay" Buchanan (born December 23, 1948) is a prominent conservative political commentator and served as Treasurer of the United States under President Ronald Reagan.[1]



In 1976, Buchanan converted from Roman Catholicism to Mormonism.[2]

Buchanan was the national treasurer of the Reagan for President primary campaigns of 1976 and 1980, and the Reagan-Bush general election campaigns of 1980 and again in 1984.[3] After appearing regularly on CNN's news program "Inside Politics", she became a commentator for CNN's The Situation Room, and later, Campbell Brown: No Bias, No Bull. She previously served as the co-anchor of Equal Time, on CNBC and MSNBC, and during that time, also hosted a two-hour radio talk show.

Appointed at the age of 32, Buchanan was the youngest person to serve in the post of Treasurer of the United States.[4] She held that post from March 20, 1981 to July 5, 1983, after which she was appointed Chairwoman of the President's Commission on Women Business Owners.[5][6]

In 1982, Buchanan married William Jackson, an attorney; they later divorced.[2]

Buchanan is the mother of three sons:[7] William (born 1983); Thomas (born 1984); and Stuart (born 1987).[2]

Buchanan managed her brother Pat Buchanan's three unsuccessful campaigns for President of the United States.

The co-chair of the California delegation to the 1988 Republican National Convention, Buchanan also served as the co-chair of the defense subcommittee of the Platform Committee. In 1990, she ran in the California Republican primary election for state treasurer,[8] against the incumbent, Thomas W. Hayes (who had been appointed to that position following the death of Democrat Jesse Unruh). Hayes prevailed, but would go on to lose the general election to Democrat Kathleen Brown.)

In May 2006, Bay Buchanan was appointed chair of Team America PAC, a political action committee founded by Tom Tancredo. The mission of this PAC is to highlight the problems allegedly created by illegal immigration, and to support candidates for public office who are committed to securing the borders of the United States against illegal immigration. In 2007, Bay served as senior advisor to Tancredo's presidential campaign, after which she publicly endorsed Mitt Romney.

Buchanan is president of The American Cause, and her brother Pat Buchanan is chairman. In 2007, during the immigration debate their opinions were widely discussed:

During the 45 years leading up to the Immigration Act of 1965, 10 million immigrants came to the U.S. and were successfully integrated into American culture. But the onset of mass immigration since the late 60s has overwhelmed our ability to assimilate. This year, 1.3 million more immigrants will pour into the U.S. - 400,000 of them illegal aliens. If America is to survive as one nation, we must stem this tide to mend the melting pot and assimilate the 28 million foreign-born already living within our borders."The American Cause: On the Issues".  

In 2009, when the details of the arrest of the executive director of The American Cause, Marcus Epstein, revealed that he had allegedly “bumped into a black woman, called her a ‘nigger,’ and struck her in the head with an open hand”—all in the presence of an off-duty Secret Service agent, and after he had been drinking[9]—Buchanan reportedly commented on his Alford plea, bargained from a hate crime to a simple assault: “Marcus is going off to law school [at the University of Virginia] at the end of the month,” she said, saying he had planned to depart before the case became public. “Who cares? This is something that happened two years ago that Marcus has paid a price for.”[10] (According to a dean at the University of Virginia Law School, “Mr. Epstein is not currently enrolled at the University of Virginia School of Law, and I do not expect him to be an enrolled student in the future.”[11]) In her article about this matter, Buchanan described the incident as "out of character" for Epstein and said that since that time, he had received treatment, for severe depression.[12]

Currently, she appears on CNN as a political analyst. A frequent speaker on college campuses and at major conservative events, Bay is affiliated with the Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute and Young America's Foundation.

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