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A pair of Beatle boot replicas.

Beatle boots are a style of boot that have been worn since the 1960s. The boots are tight-fitting, Cuban-heeled, ankle-high boots with a sharp pointed toe, made popular by the English rock group The Beatles, for whom they were originally made. The style can feature either zipped or elastic sides.[1] Beatle boots saw the reintroduction of high-heeled footwear for men.[2]

Beatle boots are a direct descendant of the Chelsea boot, from which the pointed toe and centre seam stitch (running from ankle to toe) was derived, and the Flamenco boot, from which the Cuban heel was derived.[3] Beatle boots originated in October 1961, when English musicians John Lennon and Paul McCartney saw Chelsea boots whilst browsing in the London footwear company Anello & Davide, and consequently commissioned four pairs (with the addition of Cuban heels) for The Beatles, to complement their new suit image upon their return from Hamburg.[4]


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