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Beatmania IIDX 17: Sirius
Developer(s) Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo
Publisher(s) Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo
Series Beatmania IIDX, Bemani
Engine Custom
Aspect ratio NTSC-J, horizontal
Platform(s) Arcade
Release date(s) JP 2009
Genre(s) Music
Mode(s) Single-player & Multiplayer
Media Hard drive (arcade)
Input methods Turntable, Keyboard (7 keys)
Cabinet Custom
Display Widescreen LCD

Beatmania IIDX 17: Sirius is to be the 17th installment in Konami's Beatmania IIDX series of music video games. The main motif of Sirius's UI will be astronomy, as the game is named after Sirius, known to be the brightest star in the night sky. Public location tests began on May 27, 2009.[1]



The existence of a 17th version in the beatmania IIDX series was confirmed by Konami on May 25, 2009, alongside the announcement of the first public location tests at the Cat's Eye arcade in Japan,[1] which had already been promoting the location tests set to begin on the 27th of May for several days before the official announcement.[2]

The location tests revealed new features contained in the game, such as "charge notes", and contained a sampling of songs slated to be included on the final release.[3] Additional tests were held in late June to early July in Nagoya and at an arcade at the Norbesa in Sapporo.[4]


Sirius adds two additional note types to the game, "charge notes", which are a form of hold note, and the "back spin scratch". Selected songs contained these features on the location test build. [2]

Song list

During the location test, 20 new songs were available for play.[2]

Genre Song Artist
Industrial "Bad Maniacs" kors k as teranoid
Electro pop "Being Torn the sky" Nekometa Master+ feat. JUNE
Happy hardcore "bloomin' feeling" Ryu☆
Latin house "Brazilian Fire" Ben Franklin
Trip-Hop "Chocolate Dancing" Yoche feat.Mayu
UK Hardcore "Desire" M-Project fw. GUHROOVY
Hardcore "Dominion" L.E.D.-G
White Sequence "Drop" DJ Taka feat. Kanako Hoshino
Trancecore "Elisha" DJ Yoshitaka
Electro "Last Burning" Dirty Androids
Technopop "NoN-Fiction Story!" Creative Life
Techno/Dance "One Of a Kind" Crystal Begley
Tech-Breakbeats "Red, by Full Metal Jacket" DJ Mass MAD ism*
Only One Ballad "She is my wife" SUPER STAR 満-MITSURU
Club 80's "To the Future" Seiya-Murai
Electro "with me..." Sota Fujimori feat. Kemy
Insanio "かずあそび" CULTVOICE by S.S.D.PRODUCTS
J-Pop "コスモス" TSU-NA
Distorted New Age "バビロニア" 劇団レコード
Star Pop "未来のプリズム" Kanako Hoshino


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