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(disputed) Queen of Portugal
Disputed reign 22 October 1383 – 6 April 1385
Predecessor Ferdinand I
Successor John I
Queen consort of Castile and León
Tenure 17 May 1383 – 9 October 1390
Spouse John I of Castile
House House of Trastamara
House of Burgundy
Father Ferdinand I of Portugal
Mother Leonor Telles de Menezes
Born 9 December 1372
Coimbra, Kingdom of Portugal
Died 8 March 1408 (aged 35)
Madrigal de las Altas Torres, Kingdom of Castile
Burial Toro, Zamora, Castile and León, Spain
Portuguese Royalty
House of Burgundy
Afonso Henriques (Afonso I)
Children include
Sancho I
Children include
Afonso II
Children include
Sancho II
Afonso III
Children include
Children include
Afonso IV
Children include
Peter I
Children include
Ferdinand I
Children include
  • Infanta Beatrice, Queen of Castile and Leon (future Beatrice I of Portugal)
Beatrice (disputed queen)
Children include
  • Infante Miguel of Castile and Portugal

Beatrice (Portuguese: Beatriz; Portuguese pronunciation: [biɐˈtɾiʃ]; Coimbra, 9 December 1372 – 8 March 1408 in Madrigal, Castile) was the only daughter of King Ferdinand I of Portugal and his wife, Leonor Telles de Menezes, a Portuguese noble woman. She married King John I of Castile and claimed to be Queen of Portugal in the 1383–1385 Crisis that ended with her uncle John, Ferdinand's illegitimate brother, being acclaimed King of Portugal, the first from the House of Aviz.

At the beginning of 1383, the political situation in Portugal was not peaceful. Beatrice was the King's only child, and heir to the throne, after her younger brothers' deaths in 1380 and 1382. Her marriage was the political issue of the day and inside the palace, factions lobbied constantly. Ferdinand arranged and cancelled his daughter's wedding several times before settling for his wife's first choice, King John I of Castile. John had lost his wife, Infanta Eleanor of Aragon the year before, and was happy to wed the Portuguese heiress. The wedding took place on 17 May 1383, in the Portuguese city of Elvas. Beatrice was only ten years old.

King Ferdinand died shortly thereafter, on 22 October 1383. According to the treaty between Castile and Portugal, the Queen Mother, Leonor Telles de Menezes, became regent in the name of her daughter and son-in-law. But not everybody in Portugal was happy about this state of affairs. Entering into a personal union with Castile was unthinkable for the majority of Portuguese freemen. A rebellion led by the Master of the Order of Aviz, the future John I, began in that year, leading to the 1383–1385 Crisis.

King John of Castile invaded Portugal in 1384 to fight for his newborn son Michael's (1384–1385) rights to the crown. That war ended in the next year, with the utter defeat of Castile in the Battle of Aljubarrota. In the aftermath of this battle, John of Aviz became the uncontested King of Portugal. Beatrice no longer had a tenable claim to the throne of Portugal; she was merely the Queen consort of Castile and Leon.

Beatrice died in 1408 in Madrigal, Castile.

There is some dispute among a very little number of historians and all the others about Beatrice. She is rarely referred as Queen of Portugal, but that some few claim that at least for a short period she was Queen and so must be included on the list of the Monarchs of Portugal. All the others say that during the 1383–1385 period Portugal had no monarch, so Beatrice should not be counted as a Portuguese queen regnant. On the actual moment, it's clearly a revisionist intent of modifying the History of Portugal.


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Beatrice of Portugal
Cadet branch of the Capetian dynasty
Born: 1372 Died: 1410
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Ferdinand I
Queen of Portugal and the Algarve
Succeeded by
John I
Spanish royalty
Preceded by
Eleanor of Aragon
Queen Consort of Castile and León
Succeeded by
Katherine of Lancaster


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