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Bedi Kartlisa. Revue de Kartvélologie was an international journal specialized in the Georgian studies (Kartvelology) and published in Paris, France, from 1948 to 1984. It derived its name from the poem Bedi kartlisa (ბედი ქართლისა; "The Destiny of Georgia") by the 19th-century Georgian Romanticist poet Nikoloz Baratashvili.

Founded by the Georgian émigrés from the Soviet UnionKalistrate (1901-1986) and Nino Salia (1898-1992) – the journal was published exclusively in Georgian until 1957 when it became multilingual in French, English, and German. Sponsored by the French Academy of Sciences and edited by the Georgian historian Kalistrate Salia, the journal played a crucial role in the development of Georgian Studies in Europe. Several leading international experts as well as scholars from Georgia, Azerbaijan, and North Caucasus collaborated with it and contributed articles on the history, archaeology, ethnology, and culture of Georgia and the Caucasus region. It was succeeded by an annual Revue des études géorgiennes et caucasiennes (ISSN 0373-1537) founded in 1985 by Georges Dumézil and Georges Charachidzé.[1]

The annual Georgica (ISSN 0232-4490) covers the similar range of materials.


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