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The Bedside-films is a series of eight feature films directed by John Hilbard in 1970-1976, and form part of the wave of erotic films from Denmark.

The eight films are connected by the Danish word "sengekant" (bedside) in the title of each film. They were produced by the film company Palladium, starring Danish actor Ole Søltoft in all except Motorvej på sengekanten.

All the Bedside-films had many pornographic sex scenes (hardcore in Der må være en sengekant and Sømænd på sengekanten; softcore in the rest), but were nevertheless considered mainstream films. They all had mainstream casts and crews, and were shown in mainstream cinemas and reviewed in national newspapers etc.[1]

Another Danish film company, Happy Film, made a similar series called the Zodiac-films, also starring Ole Søltoft. All of these films had hardcore-scenes, but were nonetheless also considered mainstream-productions, with mainstream casts and crews. The first Danish sex comedies were made in the 1960s, but Ole Ege's Bordellet (1972) was the first to have hardcore sex-scenes.[1]


The Bedside-films

  • 1. Mazurka på sengekanten (1970)
  • 2. Tandlæge på sengekanten (1971)
  • 3. Rektor på sengekanten (1972)
  • 4. Motorvej på sengekanten (1972)
  • 5. Romantik på sengekanten (1973)
  • 6. Der må være en sengekant (1975)
  • 7. Hopla på sengekanten (1976)
  • 8. Sømænd på sengekanten (1976)

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  • Ebbe Villadsen: Danish Erotic Film Classics (2005)


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