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one version of Owgust, circa 1950

The Beer Barrel Man is a mascot logo first used in the 1940s by the Milwaukee Brewers, a Minor League Baseball team based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. At the time, he was known as "Owgust".

With a beer barrel for a torso and tap for his nose, the beer barrel man embodied the whimsical spirit of the minor leagues in the early to mid-twentieth century.

In the 1940s and 1950s, a whole series of Beer Barrel Men were used as logos by the club - pitching, batting, fielding balls and running the bases.

The Beer Barrel Man was used until Spring Training of 1953, when the Boston Braves displaced the Brewers in Milwaukee. After the Braves moved to Atlanta in 1966, the Beer Barrel Man made a comeback as the first logo of the new American League Milwaukee Brewers.


logo of the major league Brewers, 1970-1977

When Bud Selig announced the formation of Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club, Inc., in the 1960s to bring a new baseball club to Milwaukee, he adopted the batting Beer Barrel Man as his logo.

The Beer Barrel Man was used by the American League club through the 1977 season. Since then, he has made appearances on stadium giveaways, such as the 1999 Turn Ahead the Clock promotion, and has found new life on Cooperstown Collection merchandise.

Other Brewers mascots

The Beer Barrel Man is sometimes confused with Bernie Brewer. Bernie has always been a human figure, first a regular man in lederhosen and then a costumed human mascot suit.

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