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Beetlejuice's Rock and Roll Graveyard Revue
Universal Studios Florida
Universal Studios Hollywood
Universal Studios Dubailand
Area San Francisco (USF),
Upper Lot (USH)
Attraction type Live Stage Show
Theme Beetlejuice,
Universal Monsters
Opening date 1992 (USF & USH)
2010 (USD)
Closing date 2002 (USH)
Ride duration 18 minutes
Previous Attractions An American Tail Theatre (1990 - 1992) (USF)
The Land of a Thousand Faces (1975 - 1980)
Castle Dracula Live Show (1980 - 1983)
The Adventures of Conan: A Sword and Sorcery Spectacular (1983 - 1992) (USH)
Replaced by Spider-Man Rocks (USH)
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Beetlejuice's Rock and Roll Graveyard Revue is a live stage show based on the film of the same name and Universal's Classic Monsters. It is located at Universal Studios Florida, and, formerly, at Universal Studios Hollywood. The venue at the Hollywood park was removed in 2002, and replaced by Spider-Man Rocks. The attraction will also open at Universal Studios Dubailand in 2010.



The attraction opened at both Universal Studios Florida and Universal Studios Hollywood in 1992. The Florida venue replaced An American Tail Theatre which was opened with the park on June 7, 1990 and removed in 1992. The Hollywood venue replaced The Adventures of Conan: A Sword and Sorcery Spectacular, which opened in the Castle Theater in 1983, and was removed in 1992.

The venue at Universal Studios Florida was refurbished in 1996, to include the addition of a canopy to block the sun. In 2002, the show itself was changed to add more modern songs and costumes in addition to the removal of The Phantom of the Opera, who was replaced by Hip and Hop, Beetlejuice's Translyvania cheerleaders. The show was changed once again slightly in 2006 this time showcasing a new opening, different song tracks, and slightly more adult themes giving itself a PG-13 rating.

The show in Orlando remains operating today, while the show in Hollywood was removed in 2002, and replaced by Spider-Man Rocks.


The show begins once everyone is seated. The Mummy opens up his coffin on the stage to tell the guests their safety precautions. He closes the lid, and then fireworks burst from the top of it and Beetlejuice emerges from it. He goes on to mingle with guests and tell them what he has in store for them, including Paris Hilton live on stage, to which Igor is heard from backstage telling him that she is "unavailable". Beetlejuice looks for a park guest to take her place, and the Universal Monsters, Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, Wolfman and Bride of Frankenstein, then appear out of doors and corridors from the stage, and Beetlejuice directs guests to say his name three times, and the Universal Monsters are transformed into rock stars. After the first musical segment, Beetlejuice introduces Trenslyvania's resident Ghoul Girl Cheerleaders, Hip and Hop. The show continues through various other songs and dances with each monster singing their own song. At the end of the show, Beetlejuice has park guests cheer for all of the monsters, especially himself.



  • 1. Let's get it Started - All
  • 2. Hey Mickey/Superfreak - Hip and Hop
  • 3. Jump - Wolfman
  • 4. I Will Survive - Bride of Frankenstein
  • 5. Dancing in the Dark - Frankenstein
  • 6. Frankie's Girl - Dracula
  • 7. You Give Love a Bad Name - All
  • 8. Hey Ya - All
  • 9. Raining Men - Hip and Hop.
  • 10. You Shook Me All Night Long - All


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