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This article is about Berith (or Beherit) the demon. For the black metal band see Beherit (band). For the god see Berith (god). For the item in Berserk, see Behelit

In demonology, Berith is a Great Duke of Hell, powerful and terrible, and has twenty-six legions of demons under his command. He tells things of the past, present and future with true answers; he can also turn all metals into gold, give dignities to men and confirm them. He speaks with a clear and subtle voice, and according to some authors, as recounted in Aleister Crowley's "Illustrated Goetia"; he is a liar when not answering questions.

To speak with him the conjurer must wear a silver ring and put it before his face in the same form as it is needed in Beleth's case and demons do before Amaymon.

He is depicted as a soldier wearing red clothes, a golden crown, and riding a red horse; according to other grimoires his skin is red too.

Books on the subject tell that he is called according to whom invokes him, being called Berith by the Jews (see below).

According to some demonologists from the 16th century, his power is stronger in June, meanwhile to Sebastien Michaelis he suggests murder and blasphemy and his adversary is St. Barnabas.

His name was surely taken from Baal Berith, a form of Baal worshiped in Berith (Beirut), Phoenicia.

In Alchemy Berith was the element with which all metals could be transmuted into gold.

'Berith' is the Hebrew word for covenant, it was originated from the Akkadian (Babylonian) word 'Biritu' which means to 'fetter' or 'to bond'.

Other names

  • Berithi
  • Bofry
  • Bolfri (so called by necromancers)
  • Bolfry
  • Balberith
  • Betralh (Vetralh) ((Translated from Hebrew name))

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