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Behind the Green Door: The Sequel
Directed by Artie Mitchell & Sharon McNight
Produced by Jim Mitchell
Written by Sharon McNight & Artie Mitchell
Starring Missy Manners
Distributed by Mitchell Brothers Pictures
Release date(s) 1986
Running time 90 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Behind the Green Door: the Sequel (1986) is the sequel to the American pornographic film Behind the Green Door. It was produced by the Mitchell brothers and starred Missy Manners (the nom de film of Elisa Florez). It was created as a response to the AIDS crisis [1] and all sexual contact between performers featured the use of condoms, dental dams and medical exam gloves.


Elisa Florez was a United States Senate Page, receptionist for Utah Republican Senator Orrin Hatch, and daughter of the Undersecretary of Education during the administration of George H. W. Bush.[2]

Florez was in a relationship with producer Artie Mitchell, but maintains that she auditioned for the lead role in the film (a claim disputed by many who were significantly involved in the project). Her links to Republican party officials were emphasized in publicity for the film[3] in much the same fashion as her predecessor Marilyn Chambers modeling for Ivory Snow.

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