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Beijing International Studies University (abbr: BISU; Chinese: 北京第二外国语学院; pinyin: běi jīng dì èr wài guó yǔ xué yuàn; nickname: Erwai) is a comprehensive university under the administration of Beijing Municipal Government. It is located in Chaoyang District, Beijing, China. Before 2003, it was known as Beijing Second Foreign Language University.


General information

Beijing International Studies University was founded on October 24, 1964. The founding of the university was suggested by the former Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai, who, after a visit to a number of countries overseas, realized that China was in need of more college graduates in foreign studies to facilitate its communication and improve its relations with foreign countries.

According to the official website of BISU, the university aims to develop into a teaching oriented university with foreign studies as its major focus and tourism management as a key research area, combining scholarly and/or professional disciplines of literature, management, economics, and law studies.

As of 2007, BISU has 8 departments, 8 schools and 3 research institutes. They are English Dept, Japanese Dept, Russian Dept, German Dept, French & Italian Dept, Spanish & Portuguese Dept, Arabic Dept, Korean Dept, School of Tourism Management, School of International Trade and Economics, School of Broadcasting, School of Law & Politics, School of Translation Studies, School of Professional Training, School of Further Education, School of International Cultural Exchange, Research Institute of Tourism Development, Research Institute of Cross Cultural Studies, and Research Institute of Foreign Literature and applied Linguistics.

In 2007, BISU offers 20 degree programs on the undergraduate level (please refer to details below) and 12 on the postgraduate level (English, Japanese, German, French, Arabic, Tourism Management, Foreign Literature and Applied Linguistics, Corporate Management, International Trade, Aesthetics, Comparation Literature and World Literature). It also offers a program in Chinese Literature and Culture for international students.

University motto

With the motto "Be conscientious and hardworking! Pursue truth and excellence!", BISU emphasizes not only academic, but also professional and ethical education of the students.



Before the 40th anniversary celebration in 2004, the campus of BISU went through overall renovation and massive new construction. As of now, the campus has formed its own character featured by red walls and greens. In 2003, a statue of former Premier Zhou Enlai was built with the donation of the faculty and students of BISU.


  • 1964, under the administration of Commission for Foreign Cultural Exchange;
  • 1968, transferred to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  • 1971, transferred to the Beijing Municipal Government;
  • 1978, under the joint administration of the Ministry of Education and the Beijing Municial Government, mainly of the former;
  • 1983, transferred to State Bureau of Tourism;
  • 2000, under the joint administration of the Central Government and the Beijing Municipal Government, mainly of the latter.

These changes in ascription, however, have had a negative impact on the steady development of BISU.

Faculties and Undergraduate Majors (Provided in 2007)

  • English Dept.
    • English
  • Japanese Dept.
    • Japanese
  • Russian Dept.
    • Russian
  • German Dept.
    • German
  • French&Italian Dept.
    • French
    • Italian
  • Spanish&Portuguese Dept.
    • Spanish
    • Portuguese
  • Arabic Dept.
    • Arabic
  • Korean Dept.
    • Korean
  • School of Tourism Management
    • Tourism Management (Tourism Management, Hospitality Management)
    • Exhibition Economy and Management
    • Finance Management
    • Marketing
  • School of International Trade
    • International Economics and Trade
    • Finance
    • International Economics and Trade(International cultural trade)
  • School of Broadcasting
    • Chinese Literature
    • Journalism
  • School of Law and Politics
    • Law
    • International Politics
  • School of Professional Education
  • School of International Exchange
    • Chinese Literature and Culture (For foreign students)
  • School of International Education

Research Institutes

  • Research Institute of Tourism Development

The institute is committed to tourism education and research. Since its establishment, it has completed a number of tourism planning and corporate consultation projects assigned by the central and local government as well as in cooperation with businesses.

  • Research Institute of Comparative Literature and Cross-cultural Studies

This institute is aimed to promote the study and research in Chinese culture and society in western cultures, and to achieve a more profound understanding in these areas. The institute also works closely with Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in many academic projects.

Campus culture


Cultural and student organisations

  • Music club "Light of Music"
  • BISU Television
  • Radio "Voice of Erwai"
  • Union of Student Organisations

Cultural and practical activities

  • "All that music" live concert by Music club "Light of Music"
  • "红白歌合戦" by Japanese Dept.
  • Classics Concerts
  • BISU Best Singer Competition
  • Freshmen's Party/X'mas & New Year's Party
  • Chinese Debating Competition
  • Youth Elites Forum
  • Cultural Festival of German Speaking Countries
  • Cultural Week of France and Italy
  • Volunteer Programme with Songhuaitang Geracomium

Famous professors

  • Tourism Management

Jiang DU、Tongqian ZOU、Minhui GU、Bin DAI

  • English

Keping WANG、Zheng ZHU、Fuxiang WANG、Zhuanghuan MA、Mingda HU

  • Japanese

Mingwu QIN、Shoujun PAN 

  • Russian

Suzhen ZU   

  • German

Yu SHU、Xiaoxue ZHU、Jingping WANG

  • Spanish

Genlong LV

  • International Economics and Trade

Zongxian Dai 、Robert Char、Yuezhen Xiu、David Tool、Xiaomu Li

  • Chinese

Lihua HAN、Xiaomin TANG

  • Law

Tianxing WangFubin Yang

  • International Politics

Xiuli Dong

University-owned enterprises

  • Donghua International Travel Agency
  • Tourism Education Press

Famous graduates

  • Ministry of Commerce Hucheng GAO
  • Ministry of Foreign Liaisons Hongcai LIU
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs Yi WANG
  • China Travel Agency Wanchun GONG
  • China International Travel Agency Zhixin GAI
  • American-Chinese Direction An HU
  • Bank of Construction China Zhenming CHANG
  • CCTV Lifan ZHAO
  • Asian Football Association Jilong ZHANG

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