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Beit Imrin
Arabic بيت امرين
Name meaning "House of Princes"
Governorate Nablus
Government Village Council (from 1966)
Also spelled Beit Imrin (officially)

Bayt Umrin (unofficially)

Coordinates 32°17′32.028″N 35°12′55.97″E / 32.29223°N 35.2155472°E / 32.29223; 35.2155472Coordinates: 32°17′32.028″N 35°12′55.97″E / 32.29223°N 35.2155472°E / 32.29223; 35.2155472
Population 2,821 (2007)

12,100  dunams (12.1 km²)

Head of Municipality Basheer Samarah

Beit Imrin (Arabic: بيت امرين‎, transliterated as "House of Princes") is a Palestinian village in the Nablus Governorate in northern West Bank, located 18 kilometers northwest of Nablus. According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS), the village had a population of 2,821 inhabitants in 2007.[1]

Beit Imrin is an agricultural village with the main products being pulses, grains, vegetables, olives, grapes, alonds and figs. There is a girls' primary school and a boys' secondary school in the village. Other public facilities include a health clinic, telephone and postal services.


Beit Imrin was founded by Arabs from nearby Burqa and the Bani Hassan tribe of eastern Jordan who also populated Qarawat Bani Hassan. The towns of Sebastiya is located to the southwest, the village of Ijnisinya to the south, Burqa to the northwest and Yasid to the east.[2]

The Beit Imrin Village Council was established in 1966 with the first mayor being Ayad Youssef Abdel-Rahman Ahsan. The council consists of nine members including the mayor who currently is Basheer Samarah.[3]


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