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Bekim Fehmiu
Born June 1, 1936 (1936-06-01) (age 73)
Sarajevo, Kingdom of Yugoslavia
Occupation Actor
Years active 1953–1998

Bekim Fehmiu (Serbo-Croat: Bekim Fehmiju, Беким Фехмију; born June 1, 1936, Sarajevo, Kingdom of Yugoslavia) is an ex-Yugoslav theater and film actor of Albanian origin.



The Fehmiu family comes from Đakovica, however they have also lived in Sarajevo, Shkodër, and Prizren. He graduated at the Faculty of Drama Arts (FDU) in Belgrade in the class of Mata Milošević, professor.


Bekim Fehmiu has appeared in 41 films between 1953 and 1998. Fehmiu is the first Albanian theater and film actor who acted in theaters and movies all over Yugoslavia, and he acted in a whole series of roles that changed the history of the Cinema of Yugoslavia and left a noted mark in the artistic developments abroad. His roles in "Special Education" (Specijalno vaspitanje), "I Even Met Happy Gypsies" (Skupljači perja), "The Odyssey" aka "The Adventures of Ulysses", "Adventurers", "Black Sunday", "Hot years", "Deserter" and "Roj" (Swarm), remain remembered as masterpieces of acting.

International career

Fehmiu has had a noted international career acting alongside movie legends such as John Huston, Ava Gardner, Charles Aznavour, Irene Papas, Claudia Cardinale, Olivia de Havilland, Robert Shaw, Fernando Rey, Dirk Bogarde and Candice Bergen. After film "The Adventurers", critics said that:[1]

"His American debut in a starring role with a huge, star-studded, international cast backing him up was poorly acted and the epic film a complete misfire. The Adventurers (1970) ruined any chances for Fehmiu to achieve similar stardom in Hollywood."

He acted in Serbo-Croatian, Albanian, Spanish, English, French, Italian and Macedonian.Since 1987, when he demonstratively left the stage of the Yugoslav Drama Theatre in Belgrade, during the staging of the play Madame Colontein by Agnette Pleyal, in which he played Lenin and Stalin, he publicly said goodbye to artistic activities. With time he made the decision to stop shooting movies abroad as well.


In 2001, Samizdat B92 published a book of Bekim Fehmiu's memoirs, entitled Blistavo i strašno ("Brilliant and Terrifying"), which describes his life between his birth in 1936 in Sarajevo, until 1955, the year he joined the Pristina theater.


  • Opštinsko dete (1953)
  • Saša (1962)
  • Pod isto nebo (1964)
  • Neprijatelj (1965)
  • Ko puca otvoriće mu se (1965)
  • Klakson (1965)
  • Devojka (1965)
  • Roj (1966)
  • Morgan: A Suitable Case for Treatment (1966)
  • Vreme ljubavi (1966)
  • Tople godine (1966)
  • Protest (1967)
  • Skupljači perja (1967)
  • Uzrok smrti ne pominjati (1968)
  • Prljave ruke (1968, TV movie)
  • L'Odissea (1968, international TV miniseries)
  • The Adventurers (1970)
  • Klopka za generala (1971)
  • The Deserter (1971)
  • Paljenje Rajhstaga (1972, TV movie)
  • Libera, amore mio... (1973)
  • L'ultima neve di primavera (1973)
  • Il testimone deve tacere (1974)
  • Cagliostro (1974)
  • Il gioco della verità (1974)
  • Deps (1974)
  • Košava (1974)
  • Pavle Pavlović (1975)
  • Permission to Kill (1975)
  • Salon Kitty (1976)
  • Disposta a tutto (1977)
  • Black Sunday (1977)
  • Specijalno vaspitanje (1977)
  • Stići pre svitanja (1978)
  • Partizanska eskadrila (1979)
  • I vecchi e i giovani (1979, mini-serial)
  • Široko je lišće (1981)
  • La Voce (1982)
  • Sarâb (1982)
  • Crveni i crni (1985)
  • Poslednja priča (1987, TV movie)
  • Un bambino di nome Gesù (1987, TV mini-serial)
  • Disperatamente Giulia (1989, TV mini-serial)
  • Il cuore e la spada (1998, TV movie)


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