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Belgium – United States relations
Belgium   United States
Map indicating location of Belgium and USA
     Belgium      United States

The United States and Belgium maintain a friendly bilateral relationship, despite occasional disagreements on a limited number of foreign policy issues. Good will and affection for Americans continues as a result of the U.S. role during and after the two World Wars, which was exhibited in 2004 during the 60th anniversary commemorations of the Battle of the Bulge and the liberation of Belgium. Continuing to celebrate cooperative U.S. and Belgian relations, 2007 marks the 175th anniversary of the nations' relationship.




World War II (1939–45)

The US played a major role in liberating Belgium from the country's occupation by Germany.

Cold War (1946–91)

Belgium was a beneficiary of the US Marshall plan, aimed at reconstructing the post-war European economy. Both Belgium and the US are among the founding members of NATO, a North Atlantic collective defence alliance. Belgium also participated in the US-led UN mission to repel the North Korean invasion of South Korea during the Korean War.

Post-Cold War (1991–present)

The U.S. appreciates Belgian activism in international affairs, including its participation in the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan, its reconstruction and development assistance to Iraq, its peacekeeping missions in the Balkans and Lebanon, its frequent provision of airlift in international crises, and its hosting of 2005 and 2007 transatlantic dialogues between European foreign ministers and the Secretary of State. During the January 17, 2006 visit by Prime Minister Verhofstadt, President Bush thanked him for his "leadership" in helping "the people of the Congo realize their full potential." The U.S. continues to believe that Belgium could be even more active in sharing international security concerns.

As an outward-looking nation, Belgium works closely with the United States bilaterally and in international and regional organizations to encourage economic and political cooperation and assistance to developing countries. Belgium has welcomed hundreds of U.S. firms to its territory, many of which have their European headquarters there.

Principal U.S. Officials

  • Ambassador--Sam Fox
  • Deputy Chief of Mission--Wayne Bush
  • Political Counselor--Theodore H. Andrews
  • Economic Counselor--Richard Eason
  • Management Counselor--Kathleen Austin-Ferguson
  • Commercial Counselor--Paul Kullman
  • Regional Security Officer--Kevin W. Bauer
  • Public Affairs Counselor--Kathleen L. Boyle
  • Consul General--Colwell C. Whitney

Diplomatic missions

The U.S. Embassy in Belgium is in Brussels. The European Logistical Support Office (ELSO) is in Antwerp. The US Mission to NATO and the US Mission to the EU are also in Brussels.


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