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The London Borough of Havering is a London borough in northeast London, England. Part of Outer London, much of its area is protected from development by the metropolitan green belt and more than half the borough is now parkland. Its parks and open spaces range from the large urban park to village greens and there are more than a hundred of them in total, mostly in the care of Havering London Borough Council, but some by other organisations. Part of the extensive community forest known as Thames Chase is also within the borough and a large new regional parkland is currently under development, called Wildspace. Other parks and open spaces are:

Park or open space Green
Bedfords Park Yes check.svgY 51°36′22″N 0°11′31″E / 51.606°N 0.192°E / 51.606; 0.192 (Bedfords Park)
Central Park 51°36′25″N 0°13′41″E / 51.607°N 0.228°E / 51.607; 0.228 (Central Park)
Cottons Park Yes check.svgY 51°34′30″N 0°10′19″E / 51.575°N 0.172°E / 51.575; 0.172 (Cottons Park)
Harold Wood Park Yes check.svgY 51°35′13″N 0°14′10″E / 51.587°N 0.236°E / 51.587; 0.236 (Harold Wood Park)
Harrow Lodge Park 51°33′25″N 0°12′07″E / 51.557°N 0.202°E / 51.557; 0.202 (Harrow Lodge Park)
Havering Country Park 51°36′50″N 0°10′12″E / 51.614°N 0.170°E / 51.614; 0.170 (Havering Country Park)
Hornchurch Country Park 51°32′20″N 0°12′29″E / 51.539°N 0.208°E / 51.539; 0.208 (Hornchurch Country Park)
Hylands Park Yes check.svgY 51°34′16″N 0°12′04″E / 51.571°N 0.201°E / 51.571; 0.201 (Hylands Park)
King Georges Playing Fields (also known as Mawney Park) 51°35′06″N 0°09′54″E / 51.585°N 0.165°E / 51.585; 0.165 (King Georges Playing Fields)
Ingrebourne Valley Greenway:
  • Gaynes Parkway
  • Hacton Parkway
  • Pages Wood
  • Rainham Creekside Path
  • Suttons Parkway
Langtons Gardens 51°33′54″N 0°13′01″E / 51.565°N 0.217°E / 51.565; 0.217 (Langtons Gardens)
Lawns Park 51°35′46″N 0°10′05″E / 51.596°N 0.168°E / 51.596; 0.168 (Lawns Park)
Lodge Farm Park Yes check.svgY 51°34′55″N 0°11′31″E / 51.582°N 0.192°E / 51.582; 0.192 (Lodge Farm Park)
Pyrgo Park 51°37′08″N 0°11′56″E / 51.619°N 0.199°E / 51.619; 0.199 (Pyrgo Park)
Raphael Park 51°35′20″N 0°11′24″E / 51.589°N 0.190°E / 51.589; 0.190 (Raphael Park)
Rise Park 51°35′49″N 0°11′06″E / 51.597°N 0.185°E / 51.597; 0.185 (Rise Park)
Tylers Common (also known as Upminster Common) 51°35′31″N 0°15′32″E / 51.592°N 0.259°E / 51.592; 0.259 (Tylers Common)
Upminster Park Yes check.svgY 51°33′14″N 0°14′46″E / 51.554°N 0.246°E / 51.554; 0.246 (Upminster Park)
Windmill Field 51°33′32″N 0°14′42″E / 51.559°N 0.245°E / 51.559; 0.245 (Windmill Field)
Wildspace 51°30′07″N 0°11′42″E / 51.502°N 0.195°E / 51.502; 0.195 (Wildspace)


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