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by Sara Teasdale

At six o'clock of an autumn dusk
     With the sky in the west a rusty red,
The bells of the mission down in the valley
     Cry out that the day is dead.

The first star pricks as sharp as steel --
     Why am I suddenly so cold?
Three bells, each with a separate sound
     Clang in the valley, wearily tolled.

Bells in Venice, bells at sea,
     Bells in the valley heavy and slow --
There is no place over the crowded world
     Where I can forget that the days go.

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The bells first mentioned in Scripture are the small golden bells attached to the hem of the high priest's ephod (Ex 28:33, 34, 35). The "bells of the horses" mentioned by Zechariah (14:20) were attached to the bridles or belts round the necks of horses trained for war, so as to accustom them to noise and tumult.

This entry includes text from Easton's Bible Dictionary, 1897.

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