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Belt may refer to:



  • Belt (clothing), a band worn around the waist
  • Championship belt, a type of trophy used primarily in combat sports
  • Colored belts, such as a black belt, worn by martial arts practitioners to signify rank in the kyū ranking system

Mechanical and vehicular



  • Asteroid belt, a region of the solar system between Mars and Jupiter
  • Kuiper belt, a region of the solar system beyond the orbit of Neptune
  • Orion's Belt, three stars in the constellation Orion

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BELT (a word common to Teutonic languages, the Old Ger. form being balz, from which the Lat. balteus probably derived), a flat strap of leather or other material used as a girdle, especially the cinctura gladii or sword-belt, the chief "ornament of investiture" of an earl or knight; in machinery, a flexible strap passing round from one drum, pulley or wheel to another, for the purpose of power-transmission(q.v.). The word is applied to any broad stripe, to the belts of the planet Jupiter, to the armour-belt at the water-line of a warship, or to a tract of country, narrow in proportion to its length, with special distinguishing characteristics, such as the earthquake-belt across a continent.

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Simple English

[[File:|right|thumb|Different belts]] A belt is a piece of clothing worn around a person's waist. They can be used to hold up trousers or skirts, or for carrying things in pockets, such as on a utility belt.



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