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Bengt Jönsson Oxenstierna
Regency January to June of 1448.
Family Oxenstierna
Predecessor Christopher of Bavaria
Successor Charles VIII of Sweden
Date of Birth Approximately 1390s
Date of Death Probably 1449 or 1450

Bengt Jönsson (Oxenstierna), (1390s–1450s) Swedish statesman and co-regent of Sweden, under the Kalmar Union, from January to June of 1448, together with his brother Nils Jönsson (Oxenstierna). Member of the Privy Council of Sweden from 1435, and Lord Justice of Uppland in 1439. Dubbed as knight by King Christopher of Bavaria following his coronation in 1441, and Master of the Royal Court from the same year.

Bengt Jönsson (Oxenstierna)
Born: 1390s Died: 1450
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Christopher of Bavaria
as King of Sweden
Co-regent of Sweden
with Nils Jönsson (Oxenstierna)
Succeeded by
Karl Knutsson
as King of Sweden


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