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Berislavić or Beriszló (Cyrillic: Бериславић) was a medieval noble family from Slavonia.

They are descendants of the first native Bosnian Ban, Borić. They got their name from their land in Grabarje, Slavonia.

Following the execution of King Stephen Tomašević by the Turks in 1463, Stjepan Berislavić became the heir to the Bosnian throne and the heir to the Serbian despot throne.[1] Turks then executed him too, in 1535.[2][3] Stjepan's heir Duke of Dubočac Ivan Berislavić converted to Islam in 17th century.[4]

Prominent members

  • Franjo Berislavić, Count of Jajce
  • Ivan Berislavić
  • Petar Berislavić, Ban of Croatia (1513-1520)
  • Ivaniš Berislavić, Serbian Despot (1503-1514)
  • Stjepan Berislavić also Stevan Berislavić, Crown-Prince of Bosnia, and Serbian Despot-in-exile (1514-1536)[1]


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