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A Berna 4 UPO autobus of 1946.

Berna was a Swiss manufacturer of buses and trucks based in the cities of Bern and Olten.

The company was founded in 1902 by Joseph Wyss and changed its name from Schweizerische Automobil Fabrik Berna (S.A.F.B.) to Motorwerke Berna AG in 1906. Wyss was its first car designer.

Berna's first car, made in 1902, was the Berna Vis-à-Vis Idéal. Another model was powered by one-cylinder engines, which were placed on the rear. In 1903, A new car called the Unicum was produced with the engine placed on the front and the back wheels were powered by chains.

Berna also produced trucks together with Saurer.

During 1905 and 1907, the company produced lorries, with little economic success. In 1907, Wyss sold the company to Locher, who eventually went bankrupt. The assets and were acquired in 1929 by Saurer, which continued the Berna brand.

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