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Bernhard Gál

Bernhard Gál (born 1971) is an Austrian artist, composer and musicologist.



Bernhard Gál (a.k.a. Gal) works between the categories, creating music for instruments and electro-acoustic compositions, as well as art installations. Many of his intermedia art projects and sound installations present combinations of sound, light, objects, video projections and spatial concepts. He is director of the Austrian art organization "sp ce" and runs the record label Gromoga Records. Gals work has been presented in concerts, installations and exhibitions throughout Europe, Asia and The Americas. He has been invited to music and art festivals including Wien Modern Festival; Jeunesse Festival Vienna; Donaufestival Austria; ICMC Berlin; MaerzMusik Berlin; Inventionen Berlin; Sonambiente Berlin; Festival Stimme+, ZKM, Karlsruhe; MATA Festival New York; New Sound, New York-Festival, NYC; Soundfield Festival Chicago; Mutek Montreal; Musashino Public Art Festival Tokyo. He has collaborated with artists such as Yumi Kori, P. Michael Schultes, G.S. Sedlak, Akemi Takeya, and Emre Tuncer. For his work, Gal has received numerous awards, including the Karl Hofer Prize Berlin, a fellowship from the DAAD Artists in Berlin Programme, and the Austrian State Scholarship for Composition. His music has been made available by record labels such as Durian, Plate Lunch, Intransitive Records, Bremsstrahlung, Klanggalerie, Charhizma, and Gromoga. Currently Gál lives and works in Vienna and Berlin, Germany.

Selected Instrumental Works

  • "becuadro", for brass quartet and light projection, 2008
  • "behape", for 2 clarinets and sound projection, 2006
  • "Klangschatten", for Chinese instruments, sound- and light projection, 2004
  • "UTOO", for chamber ensemble and sound projection, 2004
  • "belit", composition for chamber ensemble and light projection, 2004
  • "uh-jeh-gal", for zheng, sheng and live electronics, 2004
  • "vür fier", for quartertone-trumpet, guitar, sheng / xun and zheng, 2003
  • "Defragmentation", for chamber ensemble, 2002
  • "Mount Blanc", for (amplified) piano, 2002
  • "beshadowed", for flute, violoncello, sound- and light projection, 2002
  • "Of Sound and Time", for traditional Chinese instruments and three listeners, 2000

Selected Exhibitions

Solo Exhibitions / Intermedia Art Projects

  • mil águas. DMAE Gallery, Porto Alegre, Brasil, 2009
  • solo. Allgemeiner Konsumverein, Braunschweig, Germany, 2009
  • RGB. Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt (Austria), 2008
  • solo. Lakeside Science & Technology Park, Klagenfurt (Austria), 2008
  • Reinstallation. O Lugar, São Paulo, 2008
  • Die Grüne Hölle. Kunstverein Alte Schmiede, Vienna, 2008
  • Klangbojen, Festival Donaueschinger Musiktage, Germany, 2007
  • Jukai. In collaboration with Yumi Kori. The David Winton Bell Gallery, Providence, 2007
  • solo. Musik aktuell 2007, Gutenbrunn, Austria, 2007
  • solo. Musik aktuell 2007, Tulln, Austria, 2007
  • shinkai. In collaboration with Yumi Kori. ISE Foundation, New York City, 2006
  • Reinstallation. Festival Electric Eclectics, Meaford (Canada), 2006
  • Die Grüne Hölle. Festival Sonambiente, Gallery of the Austrian Embassy, Berlin, 2006
  • Airport. Musikinstrumenten-Museum, Berlin, 2006
  • Infinitation (Seattle). In collaboration with Yumi Kori. Center of Contemporary Art, Seattle, 2005
  • Hinaus:: In den, Wald. Diapason Gallery, New York, 2005
  • Defragmentation (Krems). In collaboration with Yumi Kori. Donaufestival, Krems, 2005
  • Night Pulses. O.K. Centrum für Gegenwartskunst, Linz, 2004
  • RGBuSW. singuhr - hoergalerie in parochial, Berlin, 2004
  • Klangbojen. Musik aktuell 2003, Hanslteich, Gutenbrunn (Austria), 2003
  • Klangbojen. Musik aktuell 2003, Donau-Altarm, Tulln (Austria), 2003
  • Machina temporis. In collaboration with Yumi Kori. Franziskaner-Klosterruine, Berlin, 2002
  • RGB. Kunstverein Alte Schmiede, Vienna, 2001
  • zhu shui. Jazzatelier Ulrichsberg, Austria, 2000
  • Defragmentation/red. In collaboration with Yumi Kori. Kryptonale Festival, Berlin, 2000
  • Dissociated Voices. Werkstadt Graz, Graz, 2000
  • Defragmentation/blue. In collaboration with Yumi Kori. Studio Five Beekman, New York, 1999

Group Exhibitions

  • Reinstallation. Festival Musicacoustica, Beijing, 2007
  • Hyohaku-no-Hakobune. In collaboration with Yumi Kori. Kobe Bienal, Kobe, 2007
  • Shinkai. In collaboration with Yumi Kori. Japan Society, New York City, 2007
  • Hinaus:: In den, Wald. Galeria Vermelho, São Paulo, 2007
  • RADIO EARS (textur #2). Magyar Muehely Galéria, Budapest, 2007
  • Infinitation (São Paulo). In collaboration with Yumi Kori. SESC Pinheiros, São Paulo, 2006
  • RGB. Klangturm, St. Poelten, Austria, 2006
  • Defragmentation (ISCP). In collaboration with Yumi Kori. ISCP, New York City, 2005
  • soundbagism. Denver International Airport, USA, 2004
  • Oelbilder. Festival Reservoir VIII. Grosser Wasserspeicher, Berlin, 2004
  • Three Whites. Sound Art Exhibition ‘Rock’s Role‘, Art in General, New York, 2004
  • zhu shui. MATA-Festival. Gallery ‘GAle GAtes et al.’ New York, 2003
  • Green Voice / Green Box. In collaboration with Yumi Kori. Musashino, Tokyo, 2002
  • enelten. Sound Off Festival. Galéria Umenia, Nové Zámky, Slowakia, 2002
  • I am sHitting in a room. Durian-Festival. Konzerthaus, Wien, 2002
  • Hinaus:: In den, Wald. Sammlung Essl, Klosterneuburg (Austria), 2001
  • bestimmung darmstadt. Museum Institut Mathildenhöhe, Darmstadt, 2000
  • NYC Subway. Jonathan Shorr Gallery, New York City, 1998


Main publications

  • relive (Gromoga, 2008)
  • Installations (DVD version) (Gromoga, 2007)
  • Installations (CD version) (Gromoga, 2005)
  • going round in serpentines (with K. Fagaschinski, Charhizma, 2005)
  • Installations (catalogue book and Audio CD) (Kehrer, 2005)
  • Hinaus:: In den, Wald. (Klanggalerie, 2004)
  • relisten (Intransitive, 2001)
  • Defragmentation/blue (Plate Lunch, 2000)
  • bestimmung New York (Durian, 1999)

Selected Compilations and Catalogue CDs

  • CD 'Sound Art: Beyond Music, Between Media.', (Rizzoli, USA 2007)
  • CD 'henri chopin remixed' (Extraplatte, Austria 2006)
  • CD 'triMIX' (Innova Recordings, USA 2006)
  • CD '90 Sekunden Wirklichkeit' (DEGEM / Cybele, Germany 2005)
  • Catalogue & CDR 'Night Pulses' (O.K Center for Contemporary Art, Austria 2004)
  • DVD 'Text & Language' (Aspect, Magazine of New Media Art, USA 2004)
  • CD 'Rock’s Role (After Ryoanji)' (Art in General, USA 2004)
  • CD 'Intransitive Twenty-Three' (Intransitive Recordings, USA 2004)
  • CD 'Danza De La Muerte' (Klanggalerie, Austria 2003)
  • CD 'Typewriting Aloud. Typos Allowed' (SOUND OFF-FestivalSlovakia 2002)
  • CD 'lowercase sound 2002' (Bremsstrahlung, USA 2002)
  • CD 'because tomorrow comes #4' (because tomorrow comes, Germany 2001)
  • CD 'klanggesetz' (Initiative Minderheiten, Austria 2000)
  • Catalogue & CDR 'Dissociated Voices' (Werkstadt Graz, Austria 2000)
  • CD 'Beams and Waves' (Sound Off Festival, Slovakia 2000)


  • 2009 Research Fellowship, University Mozarteum, Salzburg
  • 2008 Grant from the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture
  • 2006 Travel Grant 2006-07, Austrian Foreign Ministry, Dep. of Culture
  • 2004 Austrian State Scholarship for Composition
  • 2003 Theatre Award “Intercultural Accents 2003”, Arbeiterkammer Wien, Vienna
  • 2003 DAAD Artists in Berlin Program, Berlin
  • 2002 Artist-in-Residence Hotel Pupik, Austria
  • 2002 Annual Grant of SKE-Fonds, Vienna
  • 2001 Karl-Hofer-Prize, University of the Arts, Berlin
  • 2001 The ar+d award (recognition), The Architectural Review, London (together with Yumi Kori)
  • 2000 Grant of the Art Section of the Austrian Federal Chancellery
  • 2000 Artist-in-Residence Werkstadt Graz, Graz
  • 2000 Composition Award of Initiative Minderheiten, Vienna
  • 1999 Max-Brand-Prize, Austria (recognition)
  • 1999 Research Fellowship, University of Vienna


  • Anderson, Christine. 2004. "Berlin für ein Jahr: Gastkomponisten des DAAD—Soo-Jung Shin, Jean-Luc Hervé, Bernhard Gál", edited by Carolin Naujocks. Positionen: Beiträge zur Neuen Musik, no. 61 (November): 42–45.
  • Bernhard Gál biography at Sonambiente Berlin, Festival für Hören und Sehen: Klang Kunst / Sound Art (1 June–16 July 2006).

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