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Berriane (from Tamazight: Bergan) is a medium-sized town in the south of Algeria and the capital of the district (Daïra) of the same name in the province(Wilaya) of Ghardaïa (Tamazight: Taghardayt). It is located in the north of the Sahara desert, in the extreme North of the wilaya of Ghardaïa, 554 km south of Algiers and 43 km north of Ghardaïa City. It occupies an area of 2.250 km². It is crossed by the National Road 01, one of the country's important communication lines. In addition to its regional importance from the demographic, economic and cultural point of view, the commune of Berriane occupies a strategic position, connecting the cities of the South to those of the North.

Its green palm grove forms a beautiful oasis which offers to its urban environment a microclimate in an area characterized by an arid climate.


Berriane is known by its pretty handicraft carpets and its artisanal products manufactured by a highly qualified manpower.Also it is known by its folklore and culture heritage and ancestral culinary art.and architect. in mars 2008 small war started between mzab berber and arab .


Archaeological, prehistoric and historical testimonies indicate that the area of Berriane was inhabited since at least the Neolithic era. The population of Berriane would be in its majority of zenata origin, who are descended from Garamantes berber ancestors

Formerly this city was only inhabited by a Berber population speaking Tamazight of the Zenata branch. Those are Muslims following the Ibadi rite. Today it is also home to Arabic-speaking people formerly were nomads.the lasts are also Muslims but they follow the Malekite rite.

Indeed, the history of the town of Berriane can form only integral part of that of the area of MZab. It is chronologically the last founded city of all the other cities of Mzab.

The reconstitution of the pass of the area of Mzab will make possible thanks to scientific research a very clear vision of the history of this Algerian community having preserved until our days its religion principles its ibadi rite which principles are inspired from the pure islam and its language; culture; customs and habits which, mainly, go back to several centuries. These men who kept their ancestral language-culture jealously can clarify the previous periods and cause a tangle in the research carried out by the specialists as for the establishment in a prehistory and a history suitable for Mzab.

In addition to its vocation first agricultural, Berriane whose demographic size exceeds now the 39.000 inhabitants, is also an attractive touristy city (existence of engravings and rock's frescos dating from prehistory, of inscriptions in Tamazight alphabet “Tifinagh”, of historic buildings and architectural similar to the other cities of the M'Zab which has an internationanal fame, and merit to be classified by the UNISCO as a world cultural heritage.

Coordinates: 32°50′N 3°46′E / 32.833°N 3.767°E / 32.833; 3.767



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