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Grouping Local legend
Sub grouping Lake monster
Similar creatures Nessie
First reported 1817
Country United States
Region Lake Erie
Habitat Water and land

Bessie is a name given to an alleged lake monster in Lake Erie,[1] also known as "South Bay Bessie" by locals.[citation needed] The first recorded sighting of Bessie occurred in 1817,[1] and more sightings have occurred intermittently and in greater frequency in the last three decades.[1] Bessie is reported to be snake-like and 9–12 m (30–40 ft) long, at least a foot in diameter, with a grayish color.[1]

A reward of $100,000 has been offered by Huron Lagoons Marina for the capture of Bessie, dead or alive.[2][3]

It has been reported that the Lake Erie Monster is nothing more than a school of young catfish.[citation needed] This is consistent with the patterns of schooling fish in the lake.[citation needed]

In popular culture

  • A tribute to Bessie is Lemmy (Lake Erie Monster), a wood and plastic sculpture of a serpentine creature that was placed in the Huron River just north of Ohio Route 2 near Huron from approximately 1994 until 2004, and again from 2005. The sculpture is now broken, and it is unknown whether it will be fixed.[4][5]
  • The minor-league hockey team Lake Erie Monsters, AHL affiliate to the NHL's Colorado Avalanche, was named after Bessie.[6]
  • There is a band named "South Bay Bessie" as a tribute to the beast.[7]


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