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Best Ed
Genre Animation
Created by Rick Marshall
Voices of Sean Cullen
Patrick McKenna
Country of origin Canada
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 19
Producer(s) Vince Commisso
Mike Warga (Line Producer)
Running time 11 min approx.
Original channel Cartoon Network TOO (UK)
ABC 1 (Australia)
pan-European Cartoon Network
Original airing June 2008
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Best Ed is an animated television series created by Rick Marshall. It premiered in 2008 and it currently airs on Cartoon Network TOO in the UK and, in 2009, it also airs on pan-European Cartoon Network. The show features adventures of an overly helpful and enthusiastic dog named Ed and his best friend, Buddy the squirrel, in their hometown of Swellville.



Best Ed is produced by 9 Story Entertainment and animated using Adobe Flash software.[1]


Ed-A yellow dog. Ed is overly enthusiastic and helpful, but rather dimwitted. He has many catchphrases, such as his trademark 'Yee!' and 'I'm here to help!', as well as 'Sacagawea!', 'Krakatoa!' and 'Well isn't that curious?' He has a speech impediment which makes him often say 'sh' rather than 's'. He has 'happy sandals', and is a frequent viewer of The Mighty Measel Moles, a Star Trek parody, both of which Buddy hates. He has numerous skills. A lot of focus is drawn to his navel. He is well-liked by everyone in the neighborhood, although he considers Buddy his best friend.

Buddy AKA Doug-An orange squirrel'. Buddy is more level-headed and intelligent than Ed. He suffers incredibly from the antics of Ed, and everyone else (through either neglect or abuse), and only ends the episode happily in two episodes. He still does consider himself good friends with Ed. Everyone else dislikes him. He enjoys nuts, and has a car with a giant acorn for a roof. He was part of a club devoted to the nerdy roleplaying game, Battle Buddies a while ago. His catchphrases are 'No, please, no!' and 'It's Doug, actually'. He dies in one episode.

Mr. Thirsty-A large, brown dog. Mr. Thirsty is paranoid and aggressive. His sidekick is Eugene. He speaks with an African American accent. He is very jealous of Buddy.

Mme. Fluffé-A yellow hamster. Mme. Fluffé resembles the stereotypical fortune teller, but this is not an often employed trait. She has a crush on Ed.

The Kitten Twins-Pink cats. Betsy and Buster appear cute and innocent, but are the worst of the lot. They tend to speak at the same time and giggle a lot. They are very rich, due to their high paying jobs as top mitten testers. Also they ride unicycles as in "Best Ed The Movie".

Eugene Tuttle-A short, green and brown turtle. Eugene is frequently picked on by Mr. Thirsty. He lives in a house shaped liked a shell, surrounded by a moat. He is the only non-mammal in the neighbourhood. He appears infrequently compared to everybody else in the neighborhood, and is shy and nervous. He has not been mean to Buddy as of yet.


These episodes are in random order.

1. Perfect-O: When Ed tries to help Buddy put up a picture, he literally brings the house down. Since Buddy is fed up with Ed's incompetence, he orders "Perfect-O", a robot who does exactly what one says. The problem is that when Buddy gives him an order to replace Ed, the robot literally tries to replace Ed by eliminating him. Then, Buddy accidentally tells the robot to eliminate his "Buddy" (himself). Can Ed safe Buddy?

2. Camp Camadeerie: After Ed watches a Mighty Measle Mole marathon, he sees an ad for a camp, and brings Buddy along. When all seems well for Buddy, Buddy realizes that Ed brought him to a friendship helping camp, along with Buddy's friends, Mr. Thirsty, and Eugene. They try their hardest to strengthen their relationship and to survive.

3. Chamele-Ed: When Buddy gets a 30 second eye exam so he can get a new book, he gets his file mixed up with a blind bat, which gets him super powerful glasses that he can't see with. Then, Ed gets a robe and starts calling himself "Chamele-Ed". When they go to the library, Ed inadvertantly gets a book on display that was not meant to be checked out. Now Ed and Buddy have to go back to the library and avoid the security system, and Mr. Thirsty and Eugene to return the book. Can they do it?

4. Driver's Ed: When Buddy gets pulled over by a police-bull and finds out his license has expired, Ed tries to help him by going strictly by the manual. This leads them on a wild adventure, in which they find out a mad dog that chases squirrels (much to Buddy's chagrin) is loose. When he thinks he sees the mad dog, Buddy has to direct Ed, who is also vying for a driver's license, how to drive.

5. Sock It to Him: When Buddy's Battle Buddies decide to come over, he tries to prepare, but is too sick. Then, Ed tries to help. While Buddy rests, Ed tries to help, but messes things up (i.e. painting the sandwiches and throwing away the laundry), but, with the help of his new sock puppet Buddy, he accomplishes all the tasks correctly (much to Buddy's surprise). When Buddy's Battle Buddies arrive, he becomes jealous of Ed's sock puppet replacing him, but soon, the sock puppet gets the Battle Buddies in trouble, and it is up to Buddy to help them.

6. The Night Before Hoppenscotch: It is the night before Hoppenscotch, and everyone, but Mr. Thirsty, is getting ready for Hoppenscotch by laying their best shoes on their doormats. When Ed and Buddy decide to put shoes on his doormat, Mr. Thirsty uses his security system to deflect them. Can they get the Hoppenscotch spirit in Mr. Thirsty?

7. Yeedehosens: When Ed volunteers himself and Buddy to patrol the ski mountains, Buddy tries to avoid it. Then, real danger strikes. Can Ed and Buddy safe the ski mountains?

8. The Mighty Measle Role: When Ed wants to audition for the Mighty Measle Mole role, he brings Buddy along with him (who only wants some nuts). Then, out of nowhere, Buddy is given the role. Ed tries his best to get his friend ready for the role by putting him in extensive and intensive training. Note: This is one of the episodes that Buddy ends the episode happily.

9. Smarti Pants: When a monkey gives Ed and Buddy an I.Q. test, Ed scores higher than Buddy using a new invention called Smarty Pants. Then, it is proven that the test is actually to determine who can safe the world from an oncoming meteor. When Ed takes advice from his favorite show, Buddy thinks everyone has gone insane. Will Ed's plan work?

10. Nightmare on Sweet Street: It is Halloween, and everyone is dressed up. Suddenly, Buddy scares everyone, which compels Ed to tell the story of a viking whose bread was stolen by fairies and has to eat unwashed potatoes. When this makes his neighbors more afraid, Ed volunteers to patrol the night, and Buddy joins along. Then, they make contact with the viking.

11. Confined to Ed: When Ed gets a letter from the Mighty Measle Moles, he gets measles and gives them to Buddy. The doctor then orders them to stay in bed and get plenty of rest, while Mme. Fluffé and the Kitten Twins care for them. While this goes one, Buddy suddenly becomes temporarily insane.

12. Go Kart Go: It is the annual go-kart race, and about everyone in the neighborhood is getting ready for it. While Buddy tries to improve his kart without Ed's help, Ed goes around helping other contestants. When he gets home, he feels that he did not help Buddy enough, so he puts a lot of decorations on the kart, which upsets Buddy. When the day comes, Buddy and Mr. Thirsty race for the finish, while the Kitten Twins are stuck at the starting line with their cardboard kart. Who will win?


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