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Best of Volume I
Greatest hits by Van Halen
Released October 22, 1996
Genre Heavy metal, Hard rock
Length 67:03
Label Warner Brothers
Producer Glen Ballard
Bruce Fairbairn
Andy Johns
Mick Jones
Donn Landee
Ted Templeman
Van Halen
Professional reviews
Van Halen chronology
Best of Volume I
Van Halen III

Best of Volume I is the first compilation of studio tracks by American heavy metal/hard rock band Van Halen, released in 1996.

In addition to material from nine of the band's first ten studio albums (nothing from Diver Down was included), Best of Volume I also features the band's contribution to the Twister soundtrack ("Humans Being") and two newly recorded songs with original vocalist David Lee Roth ("Can't Get This Stuff No More" and "Me Wise Magic"). These two songs were released as singles to promote the Best Of compilation. Thus it contains the last studio songs recorded with David Lee Roth.

Initial pressings of the album contained an alternate version of "Runnin' With the Devil" where the verses, chorus and solos were arranged in a different order than that of the original album version. It was reported that this was accidental and subsequent pressing have replaced this version with the one found on Van Halen. However, some radio stations still play this erroneous version of the song.

The album itself, while not controversial, sparked a great deal of in-band controversy because of the personnel issues surrounding the band at the time. Sammy Hagar, who by this time had been a member of Van Halen for 10 years, equal to the amount of time as the previous vocalist, David Lee Roth, left the band due to a number of unclear circumstances. Some sources reported that Hagar was dissatisfied with the decision to issue a "greatest hits" collection, and was instead more inclined to do an entirely new album of new material. In either case, the band announced that Hagar had left the band and the band was instead working with David Lee Roth on new material for inclusion on the disc. This was not to last, as Roth and Edward clashed publicly and the band once again was without a lead singer. [1] All songs except "Humans Being", "Can't Get This Stuff No More", and "Me Wise Magic" are included on The Best of Both Worlds.


Track listing

  1. "Eruption" – 1:42 (Michael Anthony, David Lee Roth, Eddie Van Halen, Alex Van Halen)
  2. "Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love" – 3:47 (Anthony, Roth, Van Halen, Van Halen)
  3. "Runnin' With the Devil" – 3:32 (Anthony, Roth, Van Halen, Van Halen)
  4. "Dance the Night Away" – 3:04 (Anthony, Roth, Van Halen, Van Halen)
  5. "And the Cradle Will Rock..." – 3:31 (Anthony, Roth, Van Halen, Van Halen)
  6. "Unchained" – 3:27 (Anthony, Roth, Van Halen, Van Halen)
  7. "Jump" – 4:04 (Anthony, Roth, Van Halen, Van Halen)
  8. "Panama" – 3:31 (Anthony, Roth, Van Halen, Van Halen)
  9. "Why Can't This Be Love" – 3:45 (Anthony, Sammy Hagar, Van Halen, Van Halen)
  10. "Dreams" – 4:54 (Anthony, Hagar, Van Halen, Van Halen)
  11. "When It's Love" – 5:36 (Anthony, Hagar, Van Halen, Van Halen)
  12. "Poundcake" – 5:22 (Anthony, Hagar, Van Halen, Van Halen)
  13. "Right Now" – 5:21 (Anthony, Hagar, Van Halen, Van Halen)
  14. "Can't Stop Lovin' You" – 4:08 (Anthony, Hagar, Van Halen, Van Halen)
  15. "Humans Being" – 5:14 (Anthony, Hagar, Van Halen, Van Halen)†
    • (from Twister movie soundtrack, 1996)
  16. "Can't Get This Stuff No More" – 5:16 (Anthony, Roth, Van Halen, Van Halen)†
    • (new song, 1996)
  17. "Me Wise Magic" – 6:09 (Anthony, Roth, Van Halen, Van Halen)†
    • (new song, 1996)

† denotes a single




Year Chart Position
1996 The Billboard 200 1


Billboard (North America)

Year Single Chart Position
1996 "Humans Being" Mainstream Rock Tracks 1
1996 "Me Wise Magic" Mainstream Rock Tracks 1
1997 "Can't Get This Stuff No More" Mainstream Rock Tracks 12


Preceded by
Recovering the Satellites by Counting Crows
Billboard 200 number-one album
November 9 - November 15, 1996
Succeeded by
Anthology 3 by The Beatles


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