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Hollyoaks character
Beth Clement.jpg
Beth Clement
Portrayed by Sinead Moynihan
Created by Bryan Kirkwood
Duration 2007-08
First appearance 5 October 2007
Last appearance 18 April 2008
Date of birth 16 November 1988
Date of death 18 April 2008
Status Deceased

Beth Clement is a fictional character from long-running Channel 4 soap opera, Hollyoaks, played by Sinead Moynihan. Beth first appeared as a student at Hollyoaks Community College, studying for a nursing degree and was later involved in an incest storyline with half-brother, Rhys Ashworth. The character died after a car accident on 18 April 2008.




Entrance to Hollyoaks

On her entrance in Hollyoaks, Beth was run over by local love rat Rhys Ashworth whilst both were getting tickets to see a band. Rhys had secured the last remaining tickets for himself and best friend Gilly Roach, but gave Gilly's ticket away to Beth instead, leaving his number on the back. The two began to date and he found himself falling madly in love with her, surprising both his friends and family, as well as himself. Rhys then told Beth whilst on a date that he 'really liked her', and thus wanted to take things slowly. However, she later turned up at his house, where she persuaded him to sleep with her. The next day, after Rhys had sent her a text, he and Gilly placed a bet on whether she would contact him in under 10 minutes. Although she did text back, it was after slightly longer than 10 minutes, thus leading Gilly to win the money. The fact that Rhys was not bothered about losing the bet due to his happiness at Beth's reply, further showed how he saw her as different than any girl he had previously dated.

The shocking truth

Beth's father, Noel Ashworth, died in Autumn 2007, and a wake was held at The Dog In The Pond pub. Here, she learnt of her father's extended family, and was introduced to his illegitimate son. She was horrified to find that this son was Rhys, thus making them half-siblings. Although both were shocked, Rhys believed that Beth had known they were related before they met, telling her, "whenever I look at you, I feel sick". He then told her that he never wanted to see her again.

Making new friends

The next day, Beth, who had been planning to attend Hollyoaks Community College, tried to find a transfer to another university to move away from Rhys. However, when stood inside the local launderette, Washed Up, Zoe Carpenter asked her opinion on a disagreement between herself and Kris Fisher. Kris then introduced himself and "that pile of dirty washing" (Zoe), who invited her for a drink in the SU Bar. However, Rhys saw her leaving the bar, and told her to 'get out of Hollyoaks'. Beth, now with new friends and thus a reason to stay in the village, told Rhys that she had 'as much right to stay as he does'. Since this incident, Beth has made friends with other characters including Calvin Valentine, and Rhys has slowly become acquainted with the idea of having a half sister. Currently living at the Ashworth's, they threw her a 19th birthday party and even cousin Hannah is trying to welcome her to the family, showing things are looking up for the character of Beth Clement however Nancy and Sarah do not like her even though Hannah does.

Hannah and Beth seem to get along very well and they even went onto a double date, consisting of Hannah and Danny Valentine and Beth and Gilly, although she and Gilly only went to keep an eye on Hannah.


At first when Gilly tried to kiss her, Beth rebuffed him because he was Rhys' best friend. However, on 5 December after a power cut throughout the whole village, when Beth and Gilly were in the Drive'n'Buy together, they shared a dance, then kissed. They both decided to take their relationship slowly, but after Gilly was involved in the mob attack on Simon Crosby's house, Beth dumped him. However, they have since made up, much to Rhys' chagrin. On 24 December, after Rhys was dumped by Sarah, whilst Beth and Rhys were alone at the Ashworth's, they gave into their feelings. They both tried to forget about it the next day when Gilly revealed that he was travelling to Thailand. Beth left with him, but not before she and Rhys admitted their love for each other, even though Beth knew it was wrong.


On the 6 February, Beth and Gilly returned from Thailand and were surprised to see Rhys and Mercedes making out. Beth and Rhys shared another uncomfortable look, while Gilly and Mercedes laughed.

The following day, Rhys warned Beth that Gilly was planning to propose to her and Beth told him that she wanted things between her and Rhys to end. Later, when Gilly proposed to her outside the SU bar, Beth didn't quite know what to say, until, she saw Rhys staring at the two and immediately answered "Yes". However, this commitment did nothing to suppress her feelings for Rhys, and soon, they fell into each other's arms again. Beth realised that she wanted to be with Rhys and suggested elopement, this idea has been postponed for the moment as Rhys had to look after Hannah who was very upset over her temporary break-up with Danny Valentine, caused by her father's interfering.

Although, Beth seems to be enjoying planning the wedding with Gilly, she is very jealous of the relationship between Rhys and Mercedes, after telling him how she felt, they once again slept together, proving that she is still very much in love with her brother. Mercedes nearly found the two in bed together, but they managed to escape being caught because Beth was Rhys' sister, and Mercedes thought that Rhys had been sleeping with Sarah Barnes.

On the 27 March, Beth is distraught and realises she can't go on pretending to love Gilly. Rhys finds Beth in his room crying. She tells him that she needs to leave and then kisses Rhys unaware to him, Michaela witnessed the kiss. Michaela confronts the two but say she is lying and blamed it on the drugs. Michaela later speaks with Gilly regarding the matter who is skeptical and discards her accusations. However, curiosity gets the better of him and he returns to the Ashworth residence to find the two together. He later attacks Rhys, bloodying his nose. The Ashworths return who are distraught and disgusted by Rhys and Beth's sordid affair. Though apologetic, Rhys still stands by his decision to be with Beth and Neville ejects him from their house. Gilly is later seen telling the police about their activities. Beth and Rhys later move in with Kris, Zak and Elliot but later are arrested and brought to the police station. When questioned they tell the truth and are set for court the next day.


Beth and Rhys decide to run away together rather than possibly facing jail time. Gilly gives them the keys to his campervan, and they leave. Rhys takes his focus off driving to talk to Beth and they have a collision with a lorry.

The Ashworths rush to the hospital to find that Rhys escaped with only a few bruises and a concussion whilst Beth died at the scene. Beth's funeral was never arranged on screen.

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