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Better Living Through Chemistry
Studio album by Fatboy Slim
Released 23 September 1996
Genre Big Beat, Breakbeat, Trip-hop, Electronic
Length 57:47 (UK)
70:52 (USA)
Label Skint Records
Producer Fatboy Slim
Professional reviews
Fatboy Slim chronology
- Better Living Through Chemistry
You've Come a Long Way, Baby
Alternate cover
North American cover
Singles from Better Living Through Chemistry
  1. "Everybody Needs a 303"
    Released: March 1996
  2. "Punk to Funk"
    Released: Aug 1996
  3. "Going out of My Head"
    Released: 1997

Better Living Through Chemistry is the first album by Fatboy Slim. It was released in 1996. Its name is a variation of a DuPont advertising slogan; for more information on the slogan, see "Better Living Through Chemistry".

The founder of Skint Records, Damian Harris, has described the album as having been 'more of a compilation than an album', as some of the tracks had been recorded some time previous to its release, due to Norman Cook's other musical projects.

The album cover features the image of a 3.5-inch floppy disk, paying homage to "Blue Monday" by New Order (which featured a 5.25-inch disk).

The song "Give the Po' Man a Break" featured in the film "Traffic" (2000).

The piano sample in "Song for Lindy" is from the song "Better Days" by Jimi Polo (1989) which was also sampled by Congress in their track "40 Miles" (1991).

Track listing

  1. "Song for Lindy" (Fatboy Slim) – 4:50
  2. "Santa Cruz" (Fatboy Slim) – 7:30
  3. "Going Out of My Head" (Fatboy Slim, Townshend) – 5:14
  4. "The Weekend Starts Here" (Fatboy Slim, Mohammed) – 6:41
  5. "Everybody Needs a 303" (Fatboy Slim, Starr) – 5:49
  6. "Give the Po' Man a Break" (Fatboy Slim) – 5:50
  7. "10th & Crenshaw" (Fatboy Slim) – 4:20
  8. "First Down" (Fatboy Slim) – 6:18
  9. "Punk to Funk" (Fatboy Slim, Mansfield) – 4:57
  10. "The Sound of Milwaukee" (Fatboy Slim) – 6:18
  1. "Michael Jackson" (Fatboy Slim, Negativland) – 5:49
  2. "Next to Nothing" (Fatboy Slim) – 7:16
  • Japanese bonus track (instead of "Michael Jackson"):
  1. "Es Paradis" – 5:44
  • Vinyl only LP release bonus track:
  1. "Crenshaw Siren Beats" (Fatboy Slim) (reprise of 10th and Crenshaw) – 2:50

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