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Better Than Chocolate
Directed by Anne Wheeler
Produced by Sharon McGowan
Peggy Thompson
Written by Peggy Thompson
Starring Wendy Crewson
Karyn Dwyer
Christina Cox
Music by Graeme Coleman
Cinematography Gregory Middleton
Editing by Alison Grace
Distributed by Motion International
Trimark Pictures
Release date(s) February 14, 1999
Running time 102 mins
Country Canada Canada
Language English

Better Than Chocolate is a 1999 Canadian romantic comedy movie shot in Vancouver directed by Anne Wheeler.



Maggie (Karyn Dwyer) has recently moved out on her own, and has started a relationship with another woman, Kim (Christina Cox). However, Maggie's mother Lila (Wendy Crewson) and brother, who are forced to move into her tiny loft sublet with her, are unaware that she is a lesbian. Maggie's freedom is compromised, and she believes she must keep her blossoming affair a secret. However, the clandestine romance introduces Maggie's family to a host of new experiences, many of which are "better than chocolate."

The cast also includes Ann-Marie MacDonald as Frances, the owner of a lesbian bookstore where Maggie works, and Peter Outerbridge as Judy, a transwoman with an unrequited crush on Frances.


The film won numerous awards at film festivals around the world and was ranked 31st on the Hollywood Reporter's Top 200 independent films list of 1999. It is one of Canada's highest grossing films of all time according to the Cannes Film Festival Website.


The film takes its name from a lyric in Sarah McLachlan's song "Ice Cream", "Your love is better than chocolate". Veena Sood, the sister of McLachlan's then-husband Ashwin Sood, has a small role in the film as a religious protestor.

The plot line about the bookstore is a fairly direct reference to Vancouver's Little Sister's Book and Art Emporium and its travails with Canada Customs. The bookstore is thanked in the credits.[1] Ann-Marie MacDonald, who plays the bookstore's owner, is a well-known Canadian author.

The movie poster, which shows two women embracing and one woman's naked back, was banned by the Hong Kong Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority as it was deemed "offensive to public morality, decency and ordinary good taste."[2] An advertisement in the San Diego Union-Tribune was also banned, due to the word "lesbian" being present on the movie poster.[3] [4]


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Better Than Chocolate is a 1999 Canadian romance/comedy film shot in Vancouver, directed by Anne Wheeler and written by Peggy Thompson.

Life is going great for Maggie. She has recently moved out on her own and found the woman of her dreams, Kim. However, things quickly change when Maggie's mother Lila and brother Paul are forced to move into her tiny loft sublet with her. All the freedom and space Maggie has gained is compromised, and she believes she must keep her blossoming affair a secret. But it's the clandestine romance that inadvertently introduces Maggie's family to a host of new experiences, many of which are better than chocolate.


Maggie: You're not bisexual, Carla — you're omnisexual! You're like that tornado in the Wizard of Oz, sweeping up everything in your path.

Tony: That's funny… Get out!
Kim: I am out.

Carla: Customs held up another order of books at the border. They're claiming the books are pornographic… hello? Which they aren't. Well, maybe Butches in Chains is, but so what?

Frances: Of course it's obscene! That's the point!

[Maggie and Tony are washing the sidewalk in front of 10% Books.]
Religious Zealot: Jesus loves you!
Maggie: Thank you! Can you still read "Die, dyke, die!" or do you think I've finally gotten it all off?
[Religious Zealot rushes off.]

Mr. Marcus: The books have been classified as obscene and will not be allowed through the border. Now, if I can just get you to sign here.
Frances: Little Red Riding Hood is obscene?
Mr. Marcus: Well, we, we thought it was something else.

Frances: Seriously, Mr. Marcus, the Supreme Court has declared that anal sex is to gay male sex what Mozart is to classical music.
Mr. Marcus: Miss Turner, we are not here to discuss classical music. I myself am a huge Mozart fan, but…
Frances: Look, the fucking Supreme Court has declared this natural. It is not obscene.
Mr. Marcus: In case you haven't noticed this is not the Supreme Court. We're here in Customs and I have a job to do.
Frances: We're just following orders, are we? Asshole.
Mr. Marcus: From your perspective, that must be a compliment of Mozartian proportions.

[Frances is about to attack the homophobic customs official. Security guard Bernice steps in.]
Bernice: Do we have a problem in here?
Frances: Bernice? Oh my god, I haven't seen you since the Women's Music Festival!
[Bernice hustles Frances and Maggie out the door.]

Lila: I read a study and after the age of forty a woman's chances of having sex are diminished by eighty percent. So, after fifty, God help you. And since I probably won't be having sex again, chocolate is the only pleasure left for me.

Paul: Are you sure you like boys?
Carla: Soft centers, hard centers. I like all the chocolates in the box.

Judy: Sometimes you have this bubbling up feeling, this certain sort of rage.

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