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Between Brothers
Format Sitcom
Created by Barry O'Brien
Cheryl Alu
Starring Kadeem Hardison
Dondré T. Whitfield
Kelly Perine
Tommy Davidson
Opening theme (Episodes 1-11)
Performed by:
A Touch of Jazz
(a.k.a. DJ Jazzy Jeff)
Country of origin  United States
No. of episodes 17
Producer(s) Peter S. Palmer
Devon Shapard
Pam Veasey
Running time 30 minutes
Original channel Fox (1997-1998)
UPN (1999)
Original run September 11, 1997 – March 2, 1999

Between Brothers is an American television situation comedy centered around four middle-class African American men in their late twenties, living in Chicago. It premiered on September 11, 1997 on Fox, with the second season airing on UPN, until March 2, 1999. The lead characters were portrayed by A Different World actor Kadeem Hardison, Emmy Award-nominee Dondré T. Whitfield (of All My Children), In Living Color cast member Tommy Davidson, and relative newcomer Kelly Perine.

The four primary characters of the series include Charles Winston, a straight-laced sportswriter, and his younger brother James Winston, a womanizing realtor. The two share an apartment, as do their best friends: TV weatherman Dustin "Dusty" Canyon and twice-divorced schoolteacher Mitchell Ford.

Reruns of the series currently air in the United States on the TV One cable network.



List of episodes

Episode Production Airdate Title Summary
1 101 11 September 1997 In Case of Emergency James tries to prove to Charles that he is mature and responsible. Mitchell breaks up with his second wife and moves in with Dusty.
2 102 18 September 1997 The Big Three-Oh As his 30th birthday approaches, Charles begins to feel over the hill after he and James lose a pick-up basketball game to a pair of teenagers.
3 103 25 September 1997 Just Friends After Terri breaks up with her boyfriend, each of the four guys try to make their move.
4 104 16 October 1997 The Player Ladies man James gets a dose of his own medicine when his new girlfriend Vanessa cheats on him. After Mitchell's divorce becomes final, Charles and Dusty take their bitter friend to a support group.
Salli Richardson (Dondré T. Whitfield's future wife) guest stars as Vanessa.
5 105 23 October 1997 The List Charles' college friend Mason, now a sports agent, connects Charles to the movers and shakers in the sports world, causing James, Mitchell and Dusty to feel left out.
Duane Martin (Kadeem Hardison's co-star from the film White Men Can't Jump) guest stars as Mason.
6 108 30 October 1997 Family Affair When Mitchell's family comes to visit, he learns that his father expects him to return to Lansing, Michigan and take over the family business. Mitchell's sister May aggressively pursues James, while he tries to keep up with his very athletic girlfriend-of-the-moment. Charles inadvertently convinces Ronnie Lott (who appears as himself) to return to football.
Alaina Reed Hall guest stars as Vera Ford. Sandy Brown's first appearance as May Ford. Tommy Davidson also portrays Gordon Ford and Junior Ford.
7 107 6 November 1997 Dusty's in Love Dusty meets the perfect woman for him, and soon wedding bells are ringing. James, Charles and Mitchell try their hand at the commodities market.
Tisha Campbell guest stars as Daisy.
8 109 13 November 1997 New Beginnings Mitchell turns to ladies' man James for help in romancing a fellow teacher at his job. Charles' new boss threatens to fire him unless he can get an interview with baseball player Barry Bonds (who appears as himself).
Brian Doyle-Murray's first appearance as Stuart Franklin.
9 111 4 December 1997 Elephant Men Mitchell's plan to help Dusty boost his ratings results in a wild ride through the city on a runaway elephant. May pretends that Charles is her boyfriend to scare off her visiting ex-husband. James competes with a new colleague at work.
Kimberly Russell guest stars as Maiya.
10 110 11 December 1997 Scandalous Sportswriter Charles discovers a football star in a compromising position. Mitchell's sister May moves to Chicago . . . and into the apartment with Mitchell and Dusty.
Reginald Ballard guest stars as Curtis McCall.
11 106 18 December 1997 The Interview Charles faces an ethical dilemma when he realizes that his ex-girlfriend Rebecca holds the key to a new job that he is seeking. Dusty must fill in as the station's helicopter traffic reporter, even though he is terrified of heights.
Vanessa A. Williams guest stars as Rebecca.
12 112 22 January 1998 Kung Fools Embarrassed after May defends them from a bully at the Corner Pub, Mitchell and Dusty enroll in a karate class . . . with a group of 10-year-olds. Charles fears for his safety after he writes an article criticizing football legend Jim Brown (who appears as himself), and the angry Brown comes looking for him. James arranges a date for May.
13 114 29 January 1998 Road Rules Dusty, Mitchell and James travel to Lansing, Michigan, where Dusty is to receive an alumni award at their old high school. When an empty gas tank interrupts their journey, they reminisce about high school and events from 10 years earlier that cemented the friendship between the three of them and Charles.
The depiction of Charles in high school 10 years earlier seemingly contradicts the earlier episode "The Big Three-Oh", which was centered aroung Charles' 30th birthday.
[Last original episode on Fox]
14 116 9 February 1999 Let It Ride Mitchell tries desperately to avoid a $2000 gambling debt he owes to Stuart's bookie. Charles tries to track down a beautiful woman he met briefly at the Corner Pub.
Mari Morrow guest stars as Cynthia. [First original episode on UPN]
15 117 16 February 1999 Fantasy Camp/Home Boyz of Summer Mitchell, James, Dusty and Stuart are along for the ride when Charles covers Pete Rose's fantasy baseball camp for a story. Meanwhile, May and a baseball prospect find true love.
Dominic Hoffman guest stars as Ramón Hernández. Pete Rose, Kenny Lofton and Darryl Strawberry all appear as themselves.
16 115 23 February 1999 Spring Time Dusty, Mitchell and May are in the audience when the womanizing James appears as a guest on The Jerry Springer Show. In order to spend more time with a woman that he's interested in, Charles sets up Stuart with the woman's godmother.
Jerry Springer and Steve Wilkos appear as themselves.
17 113 2 March 1999 Fire Walk The newspaper forces Charles and Stuart to attend a teamwork seminar. Dusty meets his biggest fan, but her unhealthy obsession with the weatherman soon spells danger for him, Mitchell and James.
John O'Hurley guest stars as Wyn Goalmaster.

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